Emma – The Sleep Company’s Bedtime Story to Strengthen Bonds Harnessing the Power of Maternal Voice for Working Mothers on Mother’s Day

  • The 71.2% of mothers around the world are working part-time or full-time jobs, and they are still responsible for the bulk of household chores.
  • Neuroscience research has shown that mother’s voice leaves a distinct ‘neural fingerprint’ that can predict a child’s proficiency in social communication.
  • Emma – The Sleep Company proposes a way for the children of working mothers to feel their mothers’ presence, even when their mothers can’t be physically there. 

NEW YORK, May 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — This year, for Mother’s Day, we want to put the focus on working mothers. In the hustle and bustle of modern life, the traditional roles of parenthood are evolving. While mothers are breaking barriers in the workplace, they are still expected to carry the weight of domestic duties, creating a poignant imbalance that compromises the quality of family interactions. The bedtime routine, once a sacred time for bonding and storytelling, has been usurped by the flickering glow of electronic devices, leaving children yearning for the comforting embrace of their mother’s voice.

A study by Daniel Abrams and his team at Stanford University delved into the profound impact of a mother’s voice on children’s development. They found that a mother’s voice can significantly reduce stress levels in children by lowering cortisol and increasing oxytocin, the social bonding hormone. From the womb, a fetus begins to recognise and favour its mother’s voice, and this preference continues after birth.

As children mature, the influence of a mother’s voice remains strong. In the study, children aged between seven and twelve could identify their mother’s voice with over 97% accuracy in less than a second when exposed to recordings. The fMRI scans revealed that a mother’s voice, either live or recorded, activates various brain structures related to emotion regulation, reward, and facial recognition. Intriguingly, stronger neural connections between these brain areas correlate with better social communication abilities in children. Thus, a mother’s voice leaves a distinct ‘neural fingerprint’ that can predict a child’s proficiency in social communication.

The recordable book 
In light of this research, Emma – The Sleep Company sets out to bring together the demands of modern life with the timeless need for a strong connection between mothers and their children. By using the magic of storytelling, they create a bedtime story that captures the essence of a mother’s care and guidance.

Their story unfolds through a bedtime tale about the importance of sleep and the endless possibilities of a new day. At its heart is the relationship between a mother and her child, built on whispered promises and shared dreams. As the story unfolds, the child finds comfort in the warmth of maternal love, even in the quiet of the night.

Emma the sleep company challenges all mothers in the US to download the e-book for free and record their voice while reading this story. They can use the recording every time they are not able to be near their kids, keeping close even when far away.

For more information about Emma’s Bedtime Story initiative and to download the book, click here: https://www.emma-sleep.com/pages/mothers-day

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