“Vanished in Valor” Earns Best Seller Status; Chronicles the True Story of a Man Who Gave the Ultimate Sacrifice

Darter’s Book is an Amazon Best Seller.

With dedication and determination, anything is possible; great mysteries will be revealed.

BINGHAMPTON, NY, US, May 13, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — A decades long search for the truth in the disappearance of a beloved MIA brother, led author Michael Darter down a long and winding path of determination, grief, and discovery. Eighty years ago, just after meeting baby brother Michael, Eugene F. Darter vanished along with crewmates aboard a B-17 aircraft during a mission with the “Mighty Eighth Air Force” over Nazi occupied Europe. Shrouded in mystery over time, his disappearance stirred his family to seek answers to find the truth of what happened so many years ago. What they discovered along the way taught them that with time and dedication, all things can be revealed.

“Vanished in Valor” transports readers to another time and place while simultaneously gripping them with today’s lingering emotions that accompany ambiguous loss. It’s an authentic journey through the unwavering commitment to find the truth within the complexities of war by engaging with the discovery of surviving crewmates and families, veterans, institutions, archives, Dutch and UK eyewitnesses and residents, and fellow researchers. Readers are captivated by this account of the real-life search for answers:

“There are books, and then there are labors of love like ‘Vanished in Valor.’ Part detective story, part war story, it’s a compelling, well-written tribute to a brave young man who went to war and never returned…until now. Highly Recommend.” — Mike O’ Connor

As the book has achieved best seller status, the Darter family hopes that it will inspire other families looking for MIA loved ones to remain steadfast in what can be a long and difficult search for answers. He also hopes his work will influence interest in the support of increased DNA testing on “unknown” soldiers, so that their families can find closure. You can learn more by visiting VanishedInValor.com, or connect with Michael Darter on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/michael.darter

“Vanished in Valor” is available in eBook and print versions on Amazon at: https://tinyurl.com/Vanished-in-Valor

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