Remarks by President Biden in Press Gaggle | Atlanta, GA

Waffle House
Atlanta, Georgia

12:18 A.M. EDT

Q    Mr. President, how did you think you performed tonight?

Q    How do you think you did tonight?

THE PRESIDENT:  I think we did well. 

Q    Do you have any concerns — Democrats are concerned that — that you should drop out, that you’re — that you’re not fit for the job by your voice, your performance tonight.  Do you have any concerns about your performance?

THE PRESIDENT:  No.  I th- — it’s hard to c- — hard to debate a liar.  The New York Times pointed out he made — lied 26 times — big lies.  He didn’t tell the tru- —

Q    Are you suffering from a cold?  Your campaign said that you’re — you’re sick.

THE PRESIDENT:  I have a sore throat.

12:19 A.M. EDT

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