Remarks by President Biden After Marine One Arrival

South Lawn

(December 5, 2023)

Q    Mr. President, would you be running if Trump wasn’t running?  Would you be running for president if Trump wasn’t running?

THE PRESIDENT:  I — I expect so.  But, look, he is running, and I just — I have to run.

Q    Would you drop out if Trump runs out?

THE PRESIDENT:  No, not now.

Q    What’s the latest on the American hostages in Gaza?

THE PRESIDENT:  We’re pushing hard.  We’re talking to the Qataris.  I don’t know where it’s going to go, but we’re not giving up.

Q    Does Hamas have all eight of them, or are other groups holding them too?

THE PRESIDENT:  Well, there’s others.  But we — look, I’m not going to talk more about it.  But we’re not — we’re not walking away.

Q    Have you spoken to anyone on the Hill about Ukraine funding?

THE PRESIDENT:  Yes, a couple.  And look, the failure to — the failure to support Ukraine is just absolutely crazy.  It’s against U.S. interests.  It’s against the interests of the — of the world.  It’s just wrong.  And we’re — we’re going to get that — we’re going to get that aid.  We’re going to get it.

So, anyways, thank you all for waiting.  Appreciate it.

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