EnergyFunders Launches Yield Fund II, Building on the Success of Yield Fund I
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SAN ANTONIO - September 6, 2022 - (

EnergyFunders announces today the opening of a new fund, Yield Fund II, available to accredited investors. The company is building upon the recent success of Yield Fund I - its largest fundraising effort to date.

Yield Fund II will follow a similar structure to Yield Fund I, focusing primarily on accessing private market drilling and production opportunities, which can provide investors with potential hedges against inflation and stock market volatility. In addition, investing in oil and gas may potentially reduce investors' tax liabilities, an ever-important factor as investors turn their focus to year-end financials.

"The current market has a significant number of high-quality investment opportunities, especially given record high oil and gas prices, and our new Yield Fund II is designed to help investors capitalize on these two factors," says EnergyFunders CEO Laura Pommer. "We anticipate that oil and gas prices will stay around these levels for quite some time, and small, efficient companies like those EnergyFunders partners with are able to move quickly to add and optimize production."

With more than a year now at the helm of EnergyFunders, Pommer has nothing but confidence for the future. "Our investors are thrilled to have access to this unique asset class, and though the last year has been filled with plenty of sociopolitical and economic uncertainty, we are pleased with the performance of our portfolio of current investments," she says.

Yield Fund I has notched impressive results, notably the Parker 10 well, which returned initial capital within two months of production. Yield Fund II will once again have the benefit of EnergyFunders' unmatched team of experts evaluating and selecting all projects. Potential investors can contribute to any of these funds by creating an investor profile on the company's website at


About EnergyFunders:

EnergyFunders is an industry-leading investment firm offering private-market energy deals, sourced and vetted by industry experts. The company's funds include investments in oil and gas wells, as well as mobile Bitcoin mining units powered by wellsite natural gas. By removing the middlemen between investors and the wellhead, the company offers consumers direct ownership in LLCs that invest in oil and gas wells and Bitcoin mines. In addition to potential high returns, EnergyFunders' investors may also enjoy favorable tax deductions from direct oil and gas ownership, plus potential for passive income and inflation protection. To invest or to learn more, please visit www.

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