New survey reveals 54% of moms are using AI daily to accomplish household tasks.

POMPANO BEACH, Fla., July 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Artificial intelligence (AI) is finding its way into the mainstream of our everyday lives, bringing with it advances in technology that have transformed the way we work and go about our daily activities. As the Chief Household Manager, moms are embracing AI faster and more often than any other family member.

BSM Media, the leading full-service company specializing in marketing to moms, just released the results of its newest survey of how moms buy and use AI-enabled consumer products. BSM Media reached out to more than 500 moms from Baby Boomers to Gen Z who have at least one child under 18 at home. The findings demonstrate that an astounding 54% of all moms are using AI daily.

“For generations, busy moms have sought out ways to save them time or money in managing their family’s needs. AI is potentially the greatest multi-tasking tool since the introduction of the mobile phone – providing moms with solutions and that extra set of hands she requires to juggle motherhood,” explains Maria Bailey, BSM’s CEO and author of “Marketing to Millennial Moms: Getting Your Share of the Trillion Dollar Market.”

“Our survey captures the current trends in moms’ adoption of AI and their buying habits related to new AI products. Artificial intelligence has the potential to change motherhood – yet we found that they approach it with caution,” she added.

Who is Most Likely To Use AI?

It is not surprising that younger moms—Gen Z at 53% and Millennial moms at 55%—use AI more in their daily lives than Gen X mothers (49%).

Gen Z moms use AI more often during the day than any other generational segment. The survey found that over 50% of moms say they are comfortable using AI.

How Moms Use AI in their Daily Activities

Moms use AI most often to control variables in their home such as AC, home security, and lighting. Moms across all generations use AI equally for their child’s education (15%). Gen Z moms use AI more than other cohorts for household chores (23%), more than twice as often as Millennial moms, Gen X and Boomers (10%). When it comes to meal planning, Gen Z moms use it three times more often than the other three cohorts of mothers.

Surprisingly, 24% of Gen X and Boomer moms use AI for purchasing products, which is substantially more often than Millennial or Gen Z moms do at 11%. This may be because older moms are more loyal to the brands and products they purchase than their younger counterparts.

Gen Z moms are more likely to use AI for entertainment (30%) than either Millennial moms (17%) or Gen X moms (24%).

The survey found that the household tasks that moms would most like to use AI for are waking up kids, laundry, and doing dishes.

Moms Want to Know AI is Safe for their Families

Gen Z mothers lead the way as the major adopters of AI but also fear it more than any other generation, with worries of privacy implications, mistakes, and the lack of human emotion when interacting with it.

Moms across all generations are most comfortable using AI for educational purposes, meal planning, household management, shopping, and entertainment. They are least comfortable using AI for finances, pet care, and travel planning.

Interestingly, only 43% of moms are comfortable with buying their children toys that include AI features such as storytelling, cloned voices, and information distribution.

Cost is an Issue

Moms might believe that AI will make their world a better place, but they aren’t willing to pay more for it. Only 28% of all moms are willing to pay more for a product that has AI built into it. While they enjoy the timesaving elements of AI, they aren’t willing to pay more for it.

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