TeamSnap Unveils New World-Class Training Content To Empower Coaches and Parents

The Leading Youth Sports Platform Further Advances Its Mission to Making Sports Accessible to All Through App-Exclusive Coaching Content Developed with Pro Leagues

CHICAGO, April 2, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — TeamSnap today announced the launch of its new world-class training content, following the strategic acquisition of MOJO Sports in 2023. Developed in partnership with prestigious partners such as MLS, MLB, and FC Barcelona, this cutting-edge resource is now seamlessly integrated into the TeamSnap app. TeamSnap’s training content provides youth sports coaches and parents with access to how-to videos and skill explainers, plus premium practice plans, 1-on-1 and team drills, and more.

By assisting professional leagues in reaching millions of families involved in youth sports, enhancing grassroots coaching, and fostering a deep passion for the game among youth athletes, this milestone release underscores TeamSnap’s unwavering commitment to uniting the youth sports community.

“TeamSnap’s new training content was developed in collaboration with the greatest sporting bodies in the world. We are setting a new standard in youth sports by providing it to the millions of coaches and parents who already use the TeamSnap app,” said Peter Frintzilas, CEO of TeamSnap. “Since day one, TeamSnap has been committed to building all of the resources that coaches and parents need to feel confident during every practice and game to help their athletes realize their full potential.”

In addition to world-class training, TeamSnap’s new content library will feature resources from experts like Positive Coaching Alliance to help coaches and parents navigate critical topics including mental wellness, building team camaraderie, how to handle losing, and other important life skills. TeamSnap will continue to build upon the MOJO Sports library with new, expert-curated content from its partners, including MLS who will soon release MLS GO PLAYBOOK, a coaching curriculum developed to enhance grassroots soccer.

“As Major League Soccer continues to focus on the growth of the game, we understand the critical role of grassroots initiatives in expanding reach and impact,” said Kyle Albrecht, Vice President, MLS GO. “In collaboration with TeamSnap, we’re excited to introduce top-tier training content to millions of youth sports families, including the upcoming launch of the MLS GO PLAYBOOK, our new interactive coaching curriculum that will elevate the coaching and playing experience at all levels, help participants develop their skills, and grow their love for soccer.”

“With a goal of growing our game among young and diverse athletes, we recognize the value of quality coaches, which are the backbone of youth sports,” said Tony Reagins, Chief Baseball Development Officer, MLB. “This content provided by TeamSnap will not only support youth coaches, but also parents as they navigate their child’s growth on and off the field. We are excited to see continued growth in youth participation in our game as a result of great coaching and resources like this.”

Giving youth sports coaches high-quality resources not only elevates their confidence but also transforms the athlete and their family’s experience. According to the National Alliance for Youth Sports, only 5-10% of youth sports coaches have received any relevant training. The University of Maine found that athletes who play with untrained coaches drop out at 5x the rate of those who play for a qualified coach.

“The impact of a good coach on a youth athlete extends far beyond athletic performance – it can shape character, mindset, and future success on and off the field,” said Reed Shaffner, Chief Technology Officer of TeamSnap. “Putting these resources directly into the hands of our TeamSnap community not only underscores our commitment to their success but also highlights our renewed focus on rapid innovation.”

Coaching content will be made available for youth soccer, baseball, and softball through partnerships with MLS, MLB, and FC Barcelona. TeamSnap will continue to grow its network of professional sports league partners, drawing on MOJO Sports’ established relationships with renowned leagues such as NFL FLAG and the Jr. NBA. Users can expect new training materials and educational content around sport, health and wellbeing to be frequently added to an already expansive educational hub.

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