Shattering Stereotypes: A Spotlight on Women’s Health and Wellness

New AI-Powered Research Uncovers New Insights Influencing Women’s Healthcare Choices

RESTON, Va., April 2, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Resonate, a pioneer in AI-powered consumer data and intelligence, partners with Butler/Till, a leading independent, women-owned and led, employee-owned marketing agency, to release a report entitled The Mosaic of Women’s Whole Health: An Exploration of Physical, Mental, and Financial Health and Wellness. This primary research report explores the economic force and influence of women in healthcare decisions and is expected to disrupt the way marketers think about and connect with women in the healthcare space.  

Key Research Findings: Despite Growing Economic Influence, Women’s Health is Overlooked

Powered by Resonate’s advanced AI methodology, the research report identified a diverse group of women across generations, income levels, and lifestyles highlighting the diverse tapestry of women’s experiences. A key finding of the report revealed a common thread: despite their diverse backgrounds and growing economic influence, many women feel the medical system and their healthcare providers overlook their unique needs and concerns.

The Need for More Control and Personalization in Women’s Healthcare

The research dives deep beyond demographics to reveal insights about how women spend their time and the topics they engage with, budgets, schedules, and personal values. This data is crucial to reaching them and responding to their needs effectively. This human-centered approach can bridge the gender health gap by amplifying women’s voices in research, investment opportunities, femtech development, and leadership roles within the healthcare system.

The Key to Unlocking Targeted and Tailored Consumer Healthcare Insights: AI

The data is grounded in a three-pronged research approach. The methodology started with a deep learning model that clustered groups of women by common attributes from its U.S. Consumer Study, and generated summaries for each segment using generative AI. The second step applied a genetic algorithm for further defining the segment expressions to avoid human bias. The combined outcome revealed five distinct women’s health segments revealed by Resonate’s AI-powered data engine, rAI: Family-Centered Professionals, Home Harmonizers, Joyful Explorers, Empowered Creators, and Wellness Navigators.

This innovative application of AI gives healthcare researchers, service providers, and brands a trove of insights that pave the way for solutions tailored to each woman’s unique journey toward well-being.

The full report, Mosaic of Women’s Whole Health, can be accessed here.


“As a women-owned and led agency, and as a personal advocate for all women, this report hits particularly close to home for me. It serves as a catalyst for discussions and initiatives aimed at narrowing the gender health gap. By including women in research, and investment opportunities, we are able to better understand their challenges and drive effective media outreach that addresses their pain points and offers them meaningful solutions.” Kimberly Jones, President & CEO, Butler/Till

“Resonate’s AI-powered data engine rAI is not just a powerful data modeling tool; it provides a transformational approach for unlocking a new level of customer understanding, operational efficiency, and strategic decision-making. We are proud to be able to work with Butler/Till to create unprecedented opportunities for innovation and positive change in women’s health.” Bryan Gernert, CEO, Resonate

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New report from Resonate and Butler/Till explores the economic force and influence of women in healthcare decisions and is expected to make marketers reconsider how they connect with women in the healthcare space.

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