Raelians to Celebrate 50th Anniversary of Historic Encounter in Okinawa

OKINAWA, Japan, Dec. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The Raelian Movement is thrilled to announce the commemoration of a historic milestone — the “50th Anniversary of the First Encounter,” scheduled to take place from December 10 to 16 in Okinawa, Japan. This celebration marks the 50th year since Rael — founder and spiritual leader of the Raelian Movement — had his first encounter with an extraterrestrial being, representative of the civilization that created all forms of life on Earth.

The event is set to occur at the Bankoku Shinryokan Summit Hall, located in Okinawa, Japan, anticipating a global convergence of Raelians, united by their shared commitment to peace, love, and harmony, and welcoming those who created us.

Event Highlights Include:
* Commemorative Celebrations on December 12 and 13: These days will focus on celebrating the historic meeting between Rael and an extraterrestrial human being, alongside Rael’s and the Raelian Movement’s numerous contributions to society.
* Enlightening Lectures by Rael: The event will feature insightful lectures and dialogues over five days at the Happiness Academy. These discussions will cover various topics, including science, spirituality, the future of humanity, and more importantly, happiness. Only two years ago, Japan counted more deaths by suicide than by viral infection, and the WHO announced a “pandemic of depression and mental diseases.” The critical role of Happiness Academies in today’s society will be a focal point of these talks.

In a recent statement, Rael highlighted the indispensable role of happiness in ensuring humanity’s survival, emphasizing that love can only flourish among happy individuals who propagate happiness. He stressed the importance of focusing on happiness, especially in times of widespread suffering, declaring: “When we are unhappy, we can become aggressive, and from aggression to violence, there is but one step. The more unhappy we are, the more we are going to become aggressive and therefore violent. The destruction of humanity can only be caused by unhappy people, just like the Palestinian genocide.”

He added, “To participate in the Happiness Academies isn’t selfish. It is important to focus on happiness when so many people are suffering as it is precisely to stop this suffering that we MUST spread and develop happiness. Happiness is the only solution to save Humanity because it brings Love.”

Event Details
Date: December 10-16, 2023
Location: Bankoku Shinryokan Summit Hall, Okinawa, Japan
Website: https://www.rael.org/events/50th-anniversary-happiness-academy/

About the Raelian Movement
The Raelian Movement is an international, non-profit organization that fosters world peace, defends human rights, and advances science and technology. Founded by Rael in 1974, the movement is renowned for its philosophy of promoting the well-being and happiness of all through peaceful endeavors. Its ultimate goal is to build an Embassy to welcome the extraterrestrial civilization that is at the root of our own.

SOURCE Raelian Movement

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