Make Time Wellness Opens New Doors on and and Unveils Podcast Dedicated to How Women “Make Time”

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 30, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Make Time Wellness, the pioneering supplement brand committed to empowering women to prioritize their brain health, is excited to announce its expansion to retail on and Since launching their DTC in May of 2023, this expansion not only broadens the brand’s accessibility, but also reinforces its commitment to reaching a broad and diverse audience of women.

“We’re delighted to open new doors on and, making our products more accessible to women seeking to enhance their brain health,” said Helen Christoni, Co-Founder at Make Time Wellness. “Our supplements are created with a focus on optimizing women’s brains, bodies and beauty, in that order.”

In addition to its expanded retail presence, Make Time Wellness is embarking on a new venture—the Make Time Wellness Podcast launches today, with the first episode featuring Dr. Barbara Sturm. Serving as a platform for women from various walks of life to share their unique strategies and stories on how they make time for themselves amidst busy schedules and responsibilities.

The podcast features insightful conversations and first-hand experiences with women who are successfully navigating the challenges of balancing work, family, and personal well-being all in a digestible length of less than 30 minutes. “We believe in the power of sharing women’s stories and strategies to inspire and uplift others,” added Emma Heming Willis, Co-Founder at Make Time Wellness. “Through our podcast, we aim to create a supportive community where women can learn from each other and discover effective ways to prioritize their time and well-being.”

Make Time Wellness invites everyone to join the movement of putting brain health first and making time for oneself. The podcast is scheduled to launch on January 30th, on iTunes, Spotify, and any other podcast app you may use; Make Time for Brain Health and Make Time Prenatal are available now on Amazon and will be on in February.

About Make Time Wellness
Make Time was created to help women prioritize their brain, body and beauty—in that order, while making more time for themselves. Co-Founders Emma Heming Willis and Helen Christoni were surprised by the lack of education, awareness and products that make women’s brain health a priority. No one even talks about it. They decided to turn their frustration into a global conversation, while providing effective wellness products backed by science to help busy women put their brain health and overall wellness above all else. More than a brand, Make Time is a movement, committed to helping women make time for themselves as well as research, education and giving back to charity. To learn more about Make Time, visit and follow @maketimewellness on Instagram.

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