Kate Farms Opens State-of-the-Art Innovation and Quality Center

–#1 Recommended Plant-Based Brand consolidates its headquarters with its state-of-the-art innovation center.

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., June 26, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Earlier this month, Kate Farms officially merged its office headquarters with its state-of-the-art Innovation and Quality Center (IQ) in Goleta, California, in Santa Barbara County. This exciting consolidation will bring more of its employees together, enhance innovative collaboration, and unite the workforce of Kate Farms. While Kate Farms is first and foremost a remote company that attracts the best talent from across the country, establishing a home base where local employees can work and collaborate and where remote employees can travel to was always a priority.  It is also a great center to host customers for discussions and collaboration on innovation and further our collective mission to help people live their best lives through highest quality nourishment. 

“Kate Farms’ investment into an industry-leading Innovation and Quality Center is now reaching another level by relocating our headquarters to the same location,” said Casey Bauer, chief operations officer & EVP at Kate Farms. “By co-locating much of our staff with our innovation activities, we can continue to accelerate bringing best in class products to market for those who need them most.”

The IQ was built to actively create the best plant-based nutrition products as fast as possible. The pilot plant within the IQ operates exactly like a factory, just at a much smaller scale. Kate Farms has a team of PhD food scientists, PhD chemists, and specialized tech operators, each with expertise in their area and a unique skill to bring high-quality, plant-based nutrition products to people with a variety of health needs.

At that small scale, they can test many variables in a short period of time. For example, the product development team tested over 50 flavor combinations before perfecting the new Kate Farms strawberry flavor for their Nutrition Shake and Standard 1.4 products.

The IQ’s product development lab allows for bench-scale experiments of innovative ingredients and evaluation of trial products to ensure that each product is up to the high standards that Kate Farms sets for itself. The quality control team evaluates every trial and production run to make sure that every carton of Kate Farms is safe before shipping it to consumers. Inside the pilot plant, an ultra-high temperature processing unit has options for the team to mimic any factory process. 

As Kate Farms proceeds to innovate at its unified headquarters, it is poised to lead advancements in plant-based nutrition to continue to help people live their best lives.

About Kate Farms
Kate Farms was founded when a little girl named Kate was failing to thrive because she couldn’t tolerate any of the available tube feeding formulas. Her determined parents, Richard and Michelle, had the transformative idea to develop a formula using high-quality, organic, and plant-based ingredients without the common allergens and ingredients often found in traditional formulas. Today, Kate is thriving, and Kate Farms is now the #1 recommended plant-based brand.*

Kate Farms offers medical formulas for children and adults to be used as sole-source or supplemental nutrition for oral and tube feeding. They are available nationally and eligible for insurance coverage with Medicare, Medicaid, 30 states for WIC and private insurance. Kate Farms formulas are made with organic pea protein, fiber, and phytonutrients, and made without the top nine common allergens or artificial colors or flavors. Kate Farms can be accessed in more than 1,000 US hospitals. For more information on our full product portfolio, visit www.katefarms.com.

*Independent plant-based formula survey.

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