Independent Veterans of America Launches Ahead of July 4th

 Paul Rieckhoff Announces Groundbreaking New Effort to Organize and Elect Independent Veterans to Political Office Nationwide

Admiral Mike Mullen, Mayor Yemi Mobolade, Michael Smerconish, Former Phoenix Mayor Paul Johnson, Bonnie Carroll, Eric Bronner, John Opdycke, Andrew Yang, Sebastian Junger and others serve on advisory committee

NEW YORK, July 2, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Today, in the wake of a nationally demoralizing presidential debate, and in advance of July 4th, Independent Veterans of America (IVA) announced its formation with an urgent mission to organize and elect independent veterans to public office across America.

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The organization is the first in America to focus specifically on recruiting and electing independent and unaffiliated veteran candidates. All details about IVA can be found at

Launched around Independence Day, IVA’s 50-state outreach plan will find, recruit, engage and train tens of thousands of independent veterans to stand up and lead at the local, state and federal level, support independent reform, and inspire their communities to come together to put country over party.

IVA will support independent veteran candidates at all levels — from local school boards to the US Senate.

IVA will support endorsed candidates in a variety of ways to include:

Paul Rieckhoff created the vision for IVA and will serve as CEO. He is a renowned social entrepreneur, author, politics and national security analyst for NewsNation, MSNBC, CNN and others, Founder of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, Co-Founder of American Veterans for Ukraine, host of the Independent Americans podcast, and a leading voice from the American veteran community for more than 20 years.

“Independent Veterans of America (IVA) is the first organization in America to identify and empower the millions of politically independent/unaffiliated American veterans to defend and strengthen our democracy. Built around the unique power and potential of veterans, IVA will grow, deploy and elect a new generation of leaders who will protect the soul of the country we love, defend the values we hold dear, and improve our nation for generations to come. This is the moment to answer the call. If you’re an independent veteran, or you’re an independent-curious Democrat or Republican, we invite you to declare your independence and join IVA this Independence Day,” Rieckhoff said.

“Especially after the abysmal recent presidential debate, Americans are disgusted and exhausted by the two parties and by the same, old, partisan candidates. America is hungry for new leadership with independence, integrity and experience. Independent Veterans of America will provide a new generation of political leaders who are ready to challenge the duopoly, put country over party, and meet this incredibly challenging moment.”

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