Ernie Sports Media Inc Launches the “Ernie Tourney”
Ernie Sports Media Inc Launches the “Ernie Tourney”

The Ernie Tourney represents the first interscholastic Men’s basketball bracket competition among college alumni, students, and friends. Every college in America qualifies for the Ernie Cup based on total bracket points for that school.

CHEVY CHASE, Md., March 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — “Arguably the most exciting time in collegiate sports each and every spring, the annual basketball tournament epitomizes amateur sports,” says Patrick Healy, CEO and Founder of Ernie Sports Media, Inc., that operates “Literally millions and millions of passionate sports fans each year submit their brackets to countless office pools, fan groups, and other organized forums. Yet, no one has ever organized these fans so that they might compete head-to-head, school-versus-school, in a national competition. The Ernie Tourney does just that as it fosters rivalries and fan engagement at an unprecedented scale!” he explained. 

How the Ernie Tourney works: As indicated on the site, once a fan has set up their free Ernie account, they simply click the Ernie Tourney icon, enter their preferred username and school of choice (their school does not need to be a participant in the tournament), fill in their brackets and hit enter. Ernie will tabulate the points in each round and report standings on a real-time basis. The school with the most ‘total bracket points’ will be declared National Champion and will receive the Ernie Cup. Standing nearly three feet tall, the Ernie Cup resembles the legendary Stanley Cup – modified for college basketball. The school keeps the cup for one year until a new National Champion is determined each year. 

About Ernie is the first fan-driven, fully integrated sports platform that:

  • enables fans to form their own personal communities via their Locker Room;
  • provides scores, news and voluminous sports content via Home Plate (their landing page);
  • promotes fan communications at individual and group levels via the Fan Zone;
  • connects fans with their favorite sportsbooks; and hosts the Ernie Tourney. 

Background: is one of two business lines owned and operated by Ernie Sports Media Inc and its Founder, Patrick Healy. The other line is ErnieSportsTV which can be found on TikTok and YouTube. Mr. Healy, CPA*/MBA, is a former Bank CFO and Georgetown Finance Professor who has operated a highly successful Wall Street business for 25+ years. In this role, he listed more companies on the NYSE and Nasdaq than anyone in history. In creating the Ernie platform, his goal was to provide sports fans with the ability to build their own sports communities among their friends, family, coworkers and perfect strangers who congregate around their favorite teams and players. As he states “In an era of massive social and broadcast media resources, it’s hard to imagine that this does not already exist – until now!

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