Doomlings Announces New Variety Expansion ‘Imaginary Ends’
Doomlings Announces New Variety Expansion ‘Imaginary Ends’

LOS ANGELES, June 28, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Doomlings announced today ‘Imaginary Ends,’ a new Variety Expansion to its flagship game that contains five thematically linked expansion sets packaged together in one box:

  • Magical Merchants – Your age pile has been compromised. “Magical” merchants have smuggled their way in to sell you trinkets with “awesome” powers. Unfortunately, some of these powers aren’t as awesome as they seem. But don’t worry! Complete the trinket’s objective to pocket it and score extra points!

  • Deeplings – Lurking in the fathomless darkness are Deeplings, which feature the new “suppress” mechanic. When you suppress a card, you hide it face-down underneath a trait in your trait pile. Suppressed cards are worth 1 point each. And because they don’t count as traits, you can grow in power while keeping your trait pile small!

  • Glitterlings – Glitterlings live in a happy-go-lucky land of make-believe where childhood never ends and cupcakes and marshmallows meet for tea. These Sparkly Balls are all about CHANCE! With the right amount of luck, huge new combos are possible.

  • Moonlings – Moonlings are weirdos. Not only do they speak their own language, they also force you to play with fewer cards. But these unexpected visitors have some unexpected benefits too, allowing you to give unwanted cards to opponents and even rewarding you for having a lower Gene Pool!

  • Fuzelings – Fuzelings combine the art and mechanics of Deeplings, Glitterlings, and Moonlings. They can help you get bigger bonuses from Drop of Life effects and trigger new combos!

Each box also contains 1 Mystery Holofoil collectible card. For a limited time, these cards will be marked with the signature Doomlings 1st Edition star and will have a guaranteed rarity of Scarce or Better, before the full collection of holofoils is released in Imaginary Ends Gold Packs, coming soon.

“Imaginary Ends is our best expansion yet,” said Chris Svehla, Co-Founder and Chief Brand Officer at Doomlings. “The art is incredible, the mechanics are fun, and I especially love the themes we get to explore in these sets. We hope our community enjoys the spooky, silly, sugary things our inner kids dreamed up.” Imaginary Ends will be available for purchase at beginning July 2nd.

About Doomlings
Doomlings is a delightful card game for the end of the world. It was crowdfunded on Kickstarter in 2021 by over 10,000 backers and raised over $1M in pledges and pre-orders, putting it in the top tenth of 1% of Kickstarter campaigns of all time. Today it’s available in retail stores across the country, including Target and Walmart. Doomlings recently launched Overlush, the game space’s first-ever Mystery Expansion, as well as a line of plushies, as it continues to expand into a 360-degree multimedia brand.

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