China Matters’ Feature: Japanese Blogger “Challenges” Zhongshan Baseball Players

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BEIJING, Jan. 12, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Thirty-five years ago, Zhongshan was joyful to embrace Moriguchi as its first international sister city. Time has witnessed extensive exchanges between the two sides, among which the most remarkable one is the exchange of teenagers who have studied and attended sports events in the two places. Baseball, the most popular sport in Japan for instance, is also highly popular and widely spread among Zhongshan teenagers. Additionally, during the past decade, residents of all ages in Zhongshan have become increasingly involved in this sport.

What is the baseball history in Zhongshan and China? What kind of baseball interactions did Japan and China previously have?

In this video, China Matters and Japanese blogger Rei Kubota head towards Zhongshan International Baseball Town to uncover more secrets about Chinese baseball. They are invited to visit Zhongshan Dongsheng High School, where Zhongshan’s first baseball team was established. Besides seeing how young players are trained on a daily basis, they will also have a chance to “challenge” the school’s baseball team.

Following that, they drive to the Panda Baseball Stadium, which is named after the “Panda Team” coached by Liang Fuchu, the father of Chinese baseball who was born in Zhongshan. The 9th Asian U12 Youth Baseball Tournament was held there as well. Standing on the best baseball field in Zhongshan, Kubota feels it’s time to hit a home run that he has been desperate for so long.

Will Kubota’s long-desired dream come true? How does he see the unexpected, long-standing baseball tradition in Zhongshan?

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