Birmingham Pastor George Shamblin Releases Second Book ‘Inerrancy’

Shamblin Argues the Infallible Truth of the Bible is the Most Critical Issue Facing Modern Christianity

BIRMINGHAM, Ala., May 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Could the Church stand or fall based on the way that Christians view biblical inerrancy? The long-pondered question is one that Birmingham, Alabama pastor George Shamblin asks in his latest book Inerrancy, an unashamed affirmation of the truth of Scripture and its importance to the future of God’s Church.

A once-successful former pharmaceutical sales representative, Shamblin made his commitment to furthering the word of God 28 years ago. Now serving on the ministry team at the Center for Executive Leadership in Birmingham, Shamblin teaches Bible studies while educating others at various stages of spiritual growth. Inerrancy is meant to serve as a reminder that compromise is a slippery slope where Christians and churches who sacrifice Scripture will eventually find themselves conceding each principle until their reason for existence is left behind.

“As Christians, we ask ourselves questions like: ‘Why are there so many different and divergent choices, and what is the Bible?'” said Shamblin. “We have to decide what the Bible actually is before we can have these conversations and understand the answers which is why I wanted to push people to see how the ultimate truth of God’s Word impacts all that we as humans do.”

Designed to serve as the ultimate filter for life, Inerrancy is filled with real-world examples and personal stories. The book marks Shamblin’s second following the release of The Relay, which chronicles the passage of faith through the generations, in 2020. Inerrancy is now available in paperback for purchase on Amazon. A second version will soon be offered in Spanish. For more information or to place an order, visit

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George Shamblin is a pastor at the Center for Executive Leadership in Birmingham, Alabama where he teaches Bible Studies and disciples others at various stages of spiritual growth. He serves on the board of Reel-Life International and has been an adjunct professor at Birmingham Theological Seminary. In 2023, Shamblin and his brother Keith co-founded a missions ministry, The Overseas Initiative. He is also an accomplished author, releasing two novels: The Relay and Inerrancy. For more information on George Shamblin, visit

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