Big Idea Platform Redefines IP Management & Licensing With the Launch of Their Workspaces; Wolf & Snow, PC Becomes First Enterprise Agency Adopter
Cutting-Edge Workspaces Designed for Comprehensive IP Protection and Efficiency

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Big Idea, a pioneering force in the field of intellectual property (IP) management, protection, and monetization, is proud to announce the launch of its new Workspaces tailored to fit everyone from startups, enterprises, and major universities. With this innovative offering, Big Idea creates a new standard in IP management and licensing. In a significant milestone, Wolf & Snow, PC, a renowned silicon valley fractional legal department, has become the first enterprise agency customer to adopt this cutting-edge solution. Wolf & Snow will be providing this platform to its clients around the world.

Big Idea’s Workspaces provide a secure, collaborative, and configurable app-driven environment designed to streamline IP management processes across various sectors. These Workspaces are equipped with advanced features such as real-time collaboration that focuses on owner & author attribution, secure data sharing with NDA management tools, trade secret registration, and a marketplace & licensing ecosystem; all of which is combined with robust compliance mechanisms to ensure the highest levels of protection for your intellectual digital encrypted assets (IDEAs).

“We are thrilled to launch our Workspaces which are set to revolutionize how intellectual property is managed, shared, and licensed,” said Nathan Hecker, CEO at Big Idea. “By offering an app-driven platform that can be configured for different sectors and business needs, we are empowering organizations of all kinds to easily safeguard their ideas and innovations, and maximize the potential value of their IP portfolios.”

Wolf & Snow’s adoption and promotion of Big Idea’s Workspaces underscores the platform’s versatility and effectiveness in meeting the complex needs of legal professionals and their clients.

“Partnering with Big Idea allows us to leverage their advanced Workspaces to better serve our clients and protect their intellectual property,” said Matthew Lopez, Managing Partner at Wolf & Snow, PC. “The comprehensive list of features and security measures of Big Idea’s platform are unparalleled, and we are excited to be the first enterprise agency to benefit from this innovative solution.”

Big Idea’s commitment to innovation and improving how IP is managed and valued in the digital age is reflected in its continuous development of tools and services that address the evolving needs of its diverse clientele. They are taking into account the needs of the future including new types of technology like Generative AI, Virtual Reality, Blockchain, and a larger decentralized and remote workforce. The launch of Workspaces is a significant step forward in Big Idea’s mission to provide solutions for how IP will be used and managed in the coming years.

About IDEAs

An IDEA in the context of Big Idea Platform, stands for "Intellectual Digital Encrypted Asset." It represents a digital container that securely holds and protects your intellectual property. These containers can be classified as ideas, trade secrets, copyrights, trademarks, patents and more. IDEAs are designed to ensure authenticity, ownership, and protection in the digital era by using advanced encryption and crypto-ledger technology, safeguarding these valuable assets from unauthorized access and tampering.

About Big Idea

Big Idea is a visionary technology company dedicated to revolutionizing the field of intellectual property protection and management. Utilizing cutting-edge security measures and crypto-ledger technology, Big Idea offers a comprehensive platform for the creation, safeguarding, and management of intellectual digital encrypted assets (IDEAs).

About Wolf & Snow, PC

Wolf & Snow is the first fractional legal department for startups and growth companies. As a fractional legal department, they handle the day-to-day legal needs of a business, including most corporate and commercial legal matters. Acting more like a business unit than an outside legal firm, they offer a cost-effective solution for growing companies in need of a legal department.

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Nathan Hecker
CEO / Co-Founder
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