Evergreen Podcasts Adds Five New History Podcasts to Its Growing History Channel

Evergreen Podcasts

Evergreen Podcasts

Evergreen is thrilled to announce that five new partner podcasts are joining the network's ever-growing history channel. The latest podcasts include The French History PodcastAnglo-Saxon EnglandWelsh History Podcast, Anthology of Heroes, and History Teachers TalkingThe channel ended in 2023 with over 1.6 million downloads, representing a 95.4% growth rate in downloads over the previous year. Evergreen continues to commit resources to grow its history channel offerings. 

The French History Podcast is a weekly podcast that covers France from three million years ago to the present day. Host Dr. Gary Girod is a historian turned podcaster, receiving his Ph.D. in modern British & French history from the University of Houston in 2021. "The French History Podcast is proud to join Evergreen and to bring the history of the world's most visited country to life," says Girod.

Anglo-Saxon England is a series designed around the Anglo-Saxon period's culture appealing to beginners and experts. Scholar Thomas Kearns shares his passion beginning with the end of Roman Britain and ending with the Norman Conquest. "I'm excited to offer a scholarly yet accessible overview of the earliest history of England and her people," says Kearns.

Welsh History Podcast tells the modern story of Wales through the eyes of host and producer Jonathan Williams. "The Welsh History Podcast has been a labor of love for me and sharing this little-known history is a passion project," says Williams. Based in Canada, the new show has new episodes every other week. 

Anthology of Heroes unpacks all eras such as ancient, medieval, and contemporary history. Writer, host, and editor Elliot Gates tells tales of defiance telling forgotten stories from Julius Caesar to the destruction of the Mayan culture. "I'm thankful to have been given great exposure to other history fans on the Evergreen Network," says Gates. 

History Teachers Talking features facts about history from two teachers-turned-podcasters. Thomas Reszka and Peter Zablocki conduct lighthearted discussions about pop culture, politics, and education. "We are excited to join the Evergreen team," says Zablocki. "Hope everyone is ready to join the conversation - it is like history class, only better!"

Check out the entire roster here.

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