WHFF.TV Sponsors Restoration of Black and Hispanic Families

WHFF.TV Sponsors Restoration of Black and Hispanic Families

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Cast call for parents experiencing family law system unfairly discriminating against Black and African American children. WHFF.TV will broadcast your story.

I have always wanted to live in the most optimistic and positive environment possible, one that inspires hope and raises a family with the strength and focus to stay together through difficult times.”

— Dr. Rachel Levitch

DALLAS, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, July 5, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — WHFF.TV Sponsors Restoration of Black and Hispanic Families
• On any given day, over 391,000 children are living in the U.S. foster care system with black or African American children being profiled and disproportionality removed (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services[
• Cast call for parents experiencing American family justice system of child removal

Since the merger of Cognitive Institute of Dallas and Healthy Family, we initially predicted that video creation would become more and more fun and social for the general public. Predictions for the next three years show that content creation will become increasingly commercialized and professionally produced in the privacy of one’s home. According to Creator Economy Statistics for 2024, there are currently more than 200 million content creators worldwide. Our goal is to build a bridge between parents and children in the hope of reconciling parent-child separations caused by family services.

Cognitive Institute of Dallas has always emphasized that its goal is to lead the dialogue and take action on social injustice and has plans to restore families whose parents have high recidivism of the family court systems. This includes rates of family services, and returned to prison, as well as those whose parents are financially supported by states housing and low-income services.

Also, according to foster care statistics provided by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, black children make up 14% of the total child population, but 22% of children in foster care [ This means that race appears to play a role, as the percentage of children in foster care is most often black or African American. The total number of children in foster care in the United States in 2021 is 168,000 children of all races, compared to 86,000 children in foster care, statistically speaking, were black or African Americans. This means that over 50% of children in foster care in 2021 are African American.

This means that there is a huge opportunity for African American and Hispanic families to heal across generations by finding each other as parents and children, rather than through family services, which destroyed their family unit in the first place. Research continues to show that the habit of creating video content combined with social media is a great motivator for parents. But there are professional ideas, marketing plans, partnerships and global audiences that can help. By working with other parents, understanding:

1) all the legal aspects.

2) creating a social media plan.

3) choosing platforms within your community.

4) planning media events.

5) advertising on and off streaming platforms; and

6) understanding an SEO plan for families,

is a great plan but needs thought and specialized planning. It’s not as simple as posting from a general social media account or starting a go fund me page. This is real pain and real long-lasting damage. Black and brown American family’s experiences and outcomes could help restore or at least bring families back together. Ideally, help and hope to recognize the parents’ experiences within the American family system and the separation to termination process.

It’s overwhelming. Black families by majority have experienced legal gaslighting, social worker manipulation, defamation, character assignation, low of income, smear campaigns and trail bureaucratic overreach. Parental trauma makes it impossible for to move forward without assistance and help. And these traumatic delays leave children with feelings of abandonment and anxiety, to state the least. and move on. Dr. Levitch, author of “WHFF.TV Presents Parenting and Technology: Social Media, Negative Content Creation and Desensitization” also created the parenting firm to help restore parents’ self-esteem. Her platform allows parents to seek unity and a voice of the American double standard they’ve just experienced. “We have created a platform to share with estranged children. With Healthy Family First [WHFF] has provided a platform that includes all streaming services including Amazon Prime Video, Paramount, HBO, Max, Hulu, Netflix and other major global streaming services. These platforms secure and provide audiences that stream up to $269 million worth of content worldwide. There is enough space and opportunity to present docuseries, indie books and short films that show black and brown experiences. This is essential to children believing they are loved who are unaware of what happened. Simply that they were removed; they must be bad, their parents are bad and the unknowing effects children’s lives into adulthood. Notwithstanding, to ensure parents have a say in finding their children in a system that has torn apart the American family government with no option for reconciliation this must be done.”

The purpose of parental reconciliation with healthy families is, first and foremost, to empower families to harness and utilize their diverse talents and explain the relationship spit with their biological children. We all already use social media as a platform to create experiences and stories and distribute user-generated content. Streaming services and social media platforms already allow a place for users to tell their stories and create authentic and engaging content. Now is the time to create a professional experience and communicate to children that they are loved and have not been abandoned by their biological parent. that family services have manipulated legal language and rhetoric. Our mission is to help families share with their children their desire for reconciliation and not just enforce non-contact, but to create awareness and resistance to its consequences of lost legacies and no communication into adulthood. From a business perspective, this means partnering with agencies to distribute user-generated content, commercials, ads, videos, product and explainer videos, and then forming other partnerships around the world so that Black and Brown parents have the access and accountability to make the United States change removal process for black and brown families. Let’s challenge a system that is already systemically reporting kidnapping black families and make restoration feasible.

Contact us [whff.tv] to start the casting process. Learn the method. If you are selected as a family or guardian, we will propose a casting audition.

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