Unveil the Hidden Threats in Kevin Glenn’s New Thriller, Dark Agendas of Power

A gripping novel of resistance, espionage, and the fight for freedom in a world on the brink

UNITED STATES, June 11, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Renowned author Kevin Glenn is set to captivate readers once again with his latest novel, Dark Agendas of Power. This thrilling new release plunges into the dark underbelly of global politics, where a clandestine resistance battles a powerful and secretive cabal threatening to upend the world’s fragile stability.

In Dark Agendas of Power, top operatives Cory Bryson and Amit Rubin lead a multinational resistance to expose and thwart NEO21, a cabal orchestrating a new economic order to erode global freedoms. As the world teeters on the edge of chaos, Bryson and Rubin confront overwhelming odds, facing new enemies and a ticking clock in their quest to prevent a tyrannical power grab.

Kevin Glenn, a master’s degree holder in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, leverages his expertise to delve into the psychological intricacies of his characters, providing a profound exploration of human resilience and the fight for liberty. Beyond his writing, Kevin is deeply engaged in his community, running a private practice in Arizona’s East Valley, coaching youth soccer, and enjoying time with his family.

Kevin’s previous works include:

Heroes in Their Own Right (Sequel to Dark Agendas of Power)

Imminent Hour (Prequel to Dark Agendas of Power)

Breaking Point (Sequel to Dark Agendas of Power)

Through his compelling narrative, Kevin aims to spark crucial conversations about the gradual erosion of freedoms and the importance of vigilance in safeguarding liberty. “I wanted to share a cautionary tale that explores the early stages of a dystopian society, delving into the gradual and insidious processes that lead to its formation,” says Kevin. “By examining the seeds of dystopia, I hope readers will recognize the warning signs and parallels in our world.”

Dark Agendas of Power is not just a novel; it is a timely reminder of the fragile nature of freedom and the constant vigilance required to protect it. As history shows, tyrants often exploit crises to consolidate power. Kevin Glenn’s latest book is a call to awareness, urging readers to remain mindful and proactive in the face of emerging threats.

About the Author:

Kevin Glenn holds a master’s degree in clinical Mental Health Counseling and runs a private practice in Arizona. He has a passion for hockey, geopolitics, philosophy, and content creation. He also enjoys coaching youth soccer and spending quality time with his wife and kids.

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