Trueness Project Makes History, Hosts Inaugural International Day of Trueness

A section of joyful participants during the in-person gathering in Davey Jackson Field, Jackson, WY.

A participant showcases her butterfly attire ahead of a virtual Grand Butterfly Gathering event in Kenya.

A participant showcases her butterfly attire ahead of a virtual Grand Butterfly Gathering event in Kenya.

JACKSON, WYOMING, July 1, 2024 / — Jackson Hole, Wyoming has hosted the world’s first International Day of Trueness. The one-of-a-kind event was held at Davey Jackson Field, Jackson, Wyoming on June 29, 2024.

Masterminded by M Teresa Lawrence, President and Executive Director of the Trueness Project, together with the non-profit organization management, it aimed at promoting authenticity, trueness, and transformation to a better self among individuals and communities.

This historic occasion was curated to raise and spread the commitment to build a world characterized by feelable love and unending peace.

The event was coupled with The Grand Butterfly Gathering, a spirited attempt to break the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title for the largest number of people the world has ever witnessed dressed as butterflies.

Trueness Project is renowned for championing creativity, arts, and talent, promoting them as integral pathways toward a truly fulfilled and fulfilling life.

Drawing its participation from all corners of the planet, the occasion brought together thousands of participants for a non-denominational prayer for global peace, all dressed as butterflies!

Incorporating people from all races and ages, genders, and religious inclinations, the maiden International Day of Trueness offered the participants a chance to spread love by supporting the needy around them and also donating to the Trueness Project’s mission.

In Davey Jackson Field, Jackson, Wyoming, the event was colored by 125 people dressed as butterflies, with people flying into Wyoming from across the world to participate in the event and pray for peace.

Simultaneously, hundreds of satellite events were held across the world, with the mantra being a prayer for peace and spreading love.

With over 5,000 virtual participants showing up for the event, the virtual participation was so huge and historical. It set a world record for the largest virtual participation of people dressed as butterflies for the Trueness Project, building the foundations of more impactful events by the non-profit organization, whose mission is to Empower individuals and communities to live their truth and make a positive impact in the world.

Addressing the media after the event, Teresa noted, “The event succeeded in bringing together complete strangers to hold a vision of peace for the world. It also raised significant funds for the Trueness Project which it will use to ease suffering throughout the world.

It perfectly epitomized how philanthropy can be fun and should be fun. When we donate, we do so to uplift others because we know we are all worthy of wealth. This historic event included everyone. We prayed as one. We honored each other,” she reminisced, thanking everyone who participated from anywhere on earth.

The participants pursued their spirit of adventure, plugging in from everywhere and immersing themselves into the life-changing power of intentional transformation, just like butterflies do, to become better selves.

Interestingly, all in-person participants in Davey Jackson Field, Jackson, Wyoming, got a pollinator packet for them to grow native butterfly gardens at home. Trueness and authenticity involve conserving nature and constantly transforming ourselves and what’s around us for a better life.

The event also featured a series of creative and fun-filled sessions, including artwork, face painting, and the awarding of best submissions and interactive sessions led by thought leaders and coaches in the fields of personal development, spirituality, and community building.

These sessions provided participants with practical tools and insights to apply in their daily lives, fostering a deeper connection to their true selves and their communities.

The Trueness Project’s commitment to authenticity and transformation shone through every aspect of the inauguration, from the vibrant butterfly costumes to the heartfelt prayers and powerful speeches.

The International Day of Trueness set a new standard for community-driven initiatives, showcasing how unity, creativity, and a shared vision can inspire real change.

Having enjoyed themselves and made all fun available while dressed as butterflies, participants left the event feeling uplifted and motivated, ready to carry the message of trueness and peace into their own lives and communities.

The success of this inaugural event has set the stage for future gatherings, with plans already underway for the next annual International Day of Trueness.

The Trueness Project aims to continue building on this momentum, expanding its reach and impact as it works towards a world where authenticity, love, and peace are at the forefront of the human experience.

We are on a mission to help more individuals and communities through donations, mentorship and strategic collaborations to promote their talent and creativity and empower them to lead better lives. Our programs are already underway in Kenya and Nepal and more are coming up for various other countries. Would you love to be part of our efforts towards a better world? Would you love to touch a live through us?

If yes, please donate to support our programs and enable us to impact more lives across the world. Visit our website and connect with us to learn more.

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