The Next-Gen B2B AI App developed by Valasys Media Showcases Groundbreaking B2B Tech-Led Innovation

Valasys AI: A New B2B AI Innovation

Inc. 5000 2023

Valasys Media Inducted to Inc. 5000 2023 as the Fastest Private Company in America

Gold Stevie Awards for the Most Innovative Company

Gold Stevie Awards for the Most Innovative Company 2023 in the American Business Awards

Valasys Media announces the launch of a B2B AI tool using predictive analysis & NLP to generate an AI score to identify ideal customers & gauge purchase intent.

Using predictive analytics and NLP algorithms, Valasys AI can predict customer behavior & extract valuable insights from large datasets. It allows precise identification through intent-based targeting”

— Mohammad Tareequddin

JERSEY CITY, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, June 5, 2024 / — Valasys Media, an award-winning and leading B2B Advertising & Marketing organization, proudly announces its latest breakthrough in B2B tech-led innovation. Under the visionary leadership of CEO Mohammad Tareequddin and Senior Vice President Prachi Shah, the company has developed a pioneering B2B AI Application to revolutionize the industry. This development highlights Valasys Media’s commitment to technological advancement and delivering superior marketing solutions.

Valasys Media’s innovative edge has been consistently recognized with numerous prestigious awards, including the Gold Stevie Award for the Most Innovative Company by American Business Awards, the Best In Biz Award for the Most Innovative Company of the Year, and being named among the CIO Top Business Intelligence Solutions Providers. These accolades underscore Valasys Media’s relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation in B2B marketing.

Revolutionizing B2B Marketing with AI

Driven by the expertise of Mr. Tareequddin and Ms. Shah, Valasys Media has developed a cutting-edge B2B AI Tool that integrates advanced capabilities to transform contact discovery, lead scoring, data enrichment, and sales intelligence. This tool represents a significant leap forward in B2B marketing technology.

Comprehensive Data and Market Insights

Valasys Media has built a comprehensive database featuring 181 million emails, contacts, and company lists over a decade. The market research team has meticulously analyzed trends across 52,000 products in over 300 subcategories. This extensive research involved examining market reports and conducting surveys, documenting responses to identify patterns between companies and products.

Innovative Methodologies

The methodology involved data engineers and a market research team evaluating various trending market parameters such as product demand, company market size, relevance of the product against a certain company and its industry, competition, success stories of the products, and firmographic details of a company like industry, revenue size, and employee size. These parameters were assigned specific weights, and dynamic market rules were created to refine the insights. These preliminary calculations served as training data for Valasys Media’s AI model.

Using predictive analysis, the AI model then generates the Valasys AI Score (VAIS), a propensity score indicating how well a company aligns with a particular product. A higher VAIS signifies a stronger alignment and a higher likelihood of the company being an ideal customer.

AI-Driven Intent Analysis

The tool’s second AI capability uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms to scrape online platforms for interactions under a company’s domain, gauging the company’s intent. Higher intent signals indicate active interest in purchasing the product.

By combining predictive analytics and NLP for sentiment analysis, Valasys AI aims to:
1. Generate a list of companies that are ideal fits for a product.
2. Gauge the intent of these companies to make a purchase.

This dual AI approach addresses two critical business aspects: Who are your best-fit customers and how actively are they looking to make a purchase?

Unifying Multiple Functions in One Tool

Valasys AI offers additional functionalities, including:

– Verifying the accuracy of your Account-Based Marketing (ABM) list.
– Generating look-alike accounts based on top-performing clients.
– Providing direct access to contact details, including direct dials, emails, and LinkedIn URLs of hot leads/prospects.

This tool unifies several isolated functions into a single platform, enabling end-to-end client acquisition and conversion. It significantly saves time and resources by automating email list building, contact discovery and validation, and account identification—all with just a few clicks.

Market Readiness and Integration

Having undergone extensive beta testing, Valasys AI is set to launch in mid-June. The tool is adaptable to various OpenAI tools, email marketing platforms, and CRM integrations, making it a comprehensive solution for lead generation and sales.

Leadership Vision

Mr. Tareequddin’s profound insights into the B2B industry and his tech background have been instrumental in developing the tool’s unique lead-scoring methodology, which has become its USP. Ms. Shah’s focus on customer centricity ensures that end-users find the tool not only valuable but also enriched with numerous add-ons and inclusions.

CEO’s Statement

“This breakthrough in B2B Tech Led Innovation is a testament to our team’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of B2B marketing technology. Our AI tool is designed to empower businesses with actionable insights, streamline their processes, and drive remarkable growth. We are committed to continuously innovating and delivering solutions that meet and exceed our clients’ expectations,” said Mr. Mohammad Tareequddin, CEO & MD of Valasys Media.

About Valasys Media

Valasys Media is a leading B2B Advertising & Marketing Agency, specializing in demand generation, lead generation, business intelligence, data management, and sales pipeline management services. Founded in 2015 by Mohammad Tareequddin, the company has rapidly grown and is recognized as one of America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies. Valasys Media serves a diverse clientele, including Fortune 500 companies, and is committed to delivering innovative marketing solutions that drive business success.

Revered as the Fastest Growing Private Company in America by Inc. 5000, Valasys Media has received numerous awards:
1. Winner of the Gold Stevie Awards for the Most Innovative Company of the Year under 100 employees (2023).
2. Silver Globee Award (2022) for Best Use of Technology in AI Intent Extraction, Business Intelligence, Integrated CRM Solutions, Prompt Innovation, and Evolving Culture.
3. Best In Biz Awards (2022) Bronze Trophy for the Most Innovative Company of the Year.
4. Arcturus Medal at the Vega Awards (2022) for Best-in-class Social Media Marketing across various categories.
5. Winner of Top Business Intelligence Solution Providers (2021) by CIO Magazine.

“Valasys Media remains at the forefront of B2B marketing innovation, continuously striving to deliver cutting-edge solutions that drive measurable success for its clients.”

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