The Little Museum of the World Offers More Humanitarian, Environmental and Cultural action

Christian Pilard and Boopy at The Little Museum of the World

General view of the museum with a blue sofa, an industrial bench and a nice wagon table next to a prehistoric aquarium fossils of ammonites. There are photos of Boopy space trip on the wall behind the sofa and photos of Boopy's past projects with children

View of The Little Museum of the World where discovery and inspiration start

Boopy, the orange bird mascot at The Little Museum of the World, is floating in the Cupula part of the International Space Station with the station's electronics around him and a panorama of the Earth at the background

Boopy floating in the International Space Station in 2022

The highest density of meaningful objects in the world to inspire and energize the humanity found in each of us.

When you connect your brain with your heart, the world is much brighter”

— Christian Pilard

CHAI WAN, HONG KONG SAR, June 10, 2024 / — The Little Museum of the World is a mind-blowing educational time machine in Hong Kong focused on Peace, Humanity, and Respect that takes visitors back to the dawn of life on this planet till our current social and environmental challenges in an incredible journey through time based on genuine and meaningful objects. The idea is for people to understand the past in order to build a more peaceful and sustainable future. It’s a little museum with a huge goal! Action is at the center of everything at The Little Museum of the World with humanitarian, environmental, and cultural projects helped worldwide. The more the museum grows, the more actions can be supported.

There are hundreds of significant artifacts, each telling a remarkable story. When all of these witnesses from the past are linked, it tells one single story of how we have reached the point in time we are at now, and what’s next. Visitors can hold a piece of the Moon in their hands, pet a real mammoth’s skin, take photos with an astonishing Tyrannosaurus Rex tooth, check a neolithic tool, feel the weight of a slave bracelet, or understand what an anti-personnel mine is. This amazing collection includes themes as diverse and fascinating as dinosaurs, ancient civilizations, slavery, inventions, wars, environment, sports as a means of Peace and so many others. The four pillars of the museum are The Little Prince for his philosophy of seeing with the heart, Nelson Mandela for his spirit of reconciliation, Jules Verne for all the imagination he gives us, and Boopy, an extraordinary orange sparrow mascot who is a symbol of hope, strength, and Peace for the children – and adults – of the world, and who incredibly traveled to the International Space Station two years ago.

Wherever you are in the world, you can help The Little Museum of the World by purchasing a captivating 3D tour (texts and audio) and virtually visiting this astonishing museum with a selection of 120 meaningful objects with hours of discovery.

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