The Lightning Protection Institute’s National Double Check Week

Mitigate your risks to lightning – Double Check.

Insurance Information Institute (Triple I): Predict & Prevent your risks to lightning.

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Convective storms caused $38 billion in insured losses in the first half of 2023. Lightning protection systems – Double Check – can mitigate those losses.

Assessing your risk to lightning before a storm enables homeowners and business owners to predict and mitigate their risks to losses due to a lightning strike…”

— Sean Kevelighan, President and CEO of the Triple-I

LIBERTYVILLE, IL, USA, October 16, 2023 / — About 6,000 times a minute there is a lightning strike that can cause immense damage – from fire to the destruction of the electrical system and the electronics connected to that system- bringing communication, security and productivity to a halt. We know lightning will occur, so we should take the necessary steps to be prepared and be protected.

The Lightning Protection Institute’s (“LPI”) annual initiative to remind property owners and the design/build communities to protect the structures and assets that can be impacted by lightning by properly installing and inspecting a lightning protection system.

In the first half of 2023, convective storms caused $38 billion in insured losses. Installing lightning protection systems is scientifically proven to mitigate the risks of a lightning strike.

“Assessing your risk to lightning before a storm enables homeowners and business owners to predict and mitigate their risks to losses due to a lightning strike,” said Sean Kevelighan, president and CEO of the Insurance Information Institute (Triple-I).

“We endorse the LPI Double Check initiative because it aligns with our efforts to predict and prevent known risks.”

Double Check

✓ INSTALL: Have a lightning protection system Installed… by a lightning protection CERTIFIED CONTRACTOR.

✓ INSPECT & Certify: Have the systems Inspected & Certified by a 3rd party lightning inspection program… to ensure proper function.

Double Check Your Communities…

“It’s Critical” to install lightning protection systems on critical structures such as: Fire Stations, Police Stations, Hospitals, Data Centers, Schools/Universities, Distribution Centers, and Government/Military.

Executive Director of the LPI, Tim Harger states “During times of weather disasters, it’s critical for rescue facilities to respond to the publics’ needs. To mitigate risks and ensure our communities are protected, it’s prudent to have lightning protection systems installed and certified on critical service facilities.”

Think about the impact of one lightning strike to you or your business:

Fires…Damage to electrical wiring, electronics/computers, appliances, fire and security systems, distribution lines…and personal injury.

Double Check this week: October 16th-20th…and every week.

Assess your Risks to Lightning and DOUBLE CHECK it!

✓ Install

✓ Inspect & Certify

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