Tallest Digital Ribbon, First Lady Reagan “Say No to Drugs” Slogan Ignite Paramount Miami Worldcenter

World’s Tallest Digital Red Ribbon Ignites Paramount Miami Worldcenter Skyscraper for Red Ribbon Week Drug-Misue Prevention Campaign Coordinated by National Family Partnership. (Bryan Glazer | World Satellite Television News)

First Lady Nancy Reagan’s Digital Portrait and Famous Anti-Drug Slogan, “Say No,” Light-Up Paramount Miami Worldcenter Skyscraper for 35th Annual Red Ribbon Week Drug-Misuse Prevention Campaign (Bryan Glazer | World Satellite Television News)

Paramount Miami Worldcenter Glows with National Family Partnership’s Digital Red Ribbon During Annual Drug Prevention & Awareness Campaign | Media Assets Below

If you really want to solve America’s drug problem, put your money on prevention.”

— Peggy Sapp, President, National Family Partnership

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, October 23, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — This is the 35th anniversary of former First Lady Nancy Reagan’s National Red Ribbon Week.

It is the largest and longest-running drug-misuse awareness and prevention campaign, coordinated by the National Family Partnership.

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Red Ribbon Tower Lighting

To mark the occasion, the World’s Tallest Digital Red Ribbon, an enormous electronic portrait of Nancy Reagan, and her famous anti-drug slogan, “Say No,” are lighting-up the 60-story Paramount Miami Worldcenter skyscraper, in downtown Miami.

DEA Agent Death & Presidential Proclamation

“Red Ribbon Week began out of national outrage over the torture and murder of a DEA agent killed by the Mexican drug cartel,” explains Peggy Sapp, president of the non-profit National Family Partnership. “Americans started spontaneously wearing red ribbons as symbols supporting drug education and awareness of the violent crimes associated with drugs.”

In 1988, U.S. President Ronald Reagan announced a Congressional Proclamation designating the last week of October as National Red Ribbon Week.

Landmarks & Schools

This week, landmarks across America are lighting-up red and an estimated 90,000 schools are displaying red ribbon designs, signifying national unity in support of drug-misuse awareness and prevention.

Statistics & Funding

One in eight U.S. teenagers; nearly 2.1-million children, ages 12 – 17, report they have used illicit substances in the past month, according to the National Center for Drug Abuse Statistics.

“So much money goes toward treatment, law enforcement and drug courts,” explains Sapp. “It’s all after-the-fact. Those things are important; very important, but not as important as prevention. If you really want to solve America’s drug problem, put your money on prevention.”

More on DEA Agent

Two suspects in the case of the murder of DEA agent Enrique Camerena were convicted but their convictions were overturned in 2017.

Camerena’s son, Enrique, Jr., age 11 at the time of his father’s death, is now a San Diego, California County Judge.

Photo Contest

As part of this year’s Red Ribbon Week events, schools and families are encouraged to create red ribbon designs, photograph them, and submit those photos to a national contest.

Twenty winners will receive $1000 and an Apple I-Pad.

Entries can be submitted to

The Deadline is November 1, 2023

About National Family Partnership

The National Family Partnership is a grassroots non-for-profit organization devoted to improving the well-being of the nation’s youth.

NFP is a national leader in drug education, prevention, and advocacy.

Its mission is to lead and support America’s communities and families and to nurture the full potential of a 21st century generation of healthy and drug-free youth.

National Family Partnership Contact

Elizabeth Golshteyn
Director of Marketing & Communications
[email protected]

Tower Lighting Schedule

Monday, October 23, 2023 – Wednesday, October 27, 2023

5:00 a.m. – 7:00 a.m. | 7:30 p.m. – Midnight | Two-Minute Durations | Top & Bottom of Every Hour

Tower Lighting Description

Paramount Miami Worldcenter features the world’s tallest and most-advanced animation lighting system.

Across the superstructure’s 700-foot-tall by 300-foot-wide rooftop crown is the swirling image of a double-looped red ribbon.

Through the building’s 60-story center column is the phrase, “Red Ribbon Week.”

The top-of-the-building then morphs into an enormous electronic portrait of former First Lady Nancy Reagan.

Running-up the middle of the building are the words, “Say No,” and a 10-story-tall red ribbon.

World’s Most-Advanced Lighting System

“The Paramount Miami Worldcenter skyscraper is composed of five miles of wires connected to 13,400 L.E.D.’s (light emitting diodes) embedded in 10,000 panes of high impact-resistant glass,” explains Daniel Kodsi, CEO of the Royal Palm Companies real estate development firm.

He is the builder of the Paramount Miami Worldcenter.

The $3-million Color Kinetics animation lighting system can create a combination of 16.2-million colors, according to Kodsi.

The nightly electric utility bill is about $34.

It took three years for a team of 12 technicians to install the system.

It was designed by Gavin Cooper, CEO of L.E.D. Smith Lighting Company of West Palm Beach, Fla.

Cooper’s work is featured on buildings, bridges and landmarks, worldwide.

Among them is New York’s Empire State Building.


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