Sean E. Mahar and Eric M. Eisenberg Unveil ‘Stop Wasting Words’
Sean E. Mahar and Eric M. Eisenberg Unveil ‘Stop Wasting Words’

“Transformative Guide Offers Practical Tools for Effective Communication in Leadership”

UNITED STATES, July 1, 2024 / — Today marks the launch of “Stop Wasting Words: Leading Through Conscious Communication,” a transformative guide authored by Sean E. Mahar, M.A., and co-authored by Eric M. Eisenberg, Ph.D. This essential book addresses the critical need for effective communication skills in leadership, filling a gap that traditional educational and organizational training programs have overlooked.

In “Stop Wasting Words,” Mahar and Eisenberg delve into the intricacies of communication, providing leaders at all levels with practical tools and strategies to enhance their effectiveness. The book underscores that the ability to communicate is not just a soft skill but a vital hard skill that can significantly impact an organization’s success. Emphasizing that the receivers of messages ultimately decide their meaning, the authors advocate for a mindful approach to communication, where words are chosen and conveyed with the same care as any tangible action.

Mahar’s expertise, honed through nearly 30 years of leadership roles in healthcare and over 15 years of teaching at American International College, is complemented by Eisenberg’s distinguished career in organizational communication at the University of South Florida. Together, they present a comprehensive framework for developing communication skills, focusing on four key areas: the importance of hard communication skills, the role of message receivers, the necessity of conscious communication, and the use of self-correcting feedback for continuous improvement.

“Stop Wasting Words” is not merely a guide to talking and listening; it is a call to engage in meaningful dialogue and complex message displays that ensure understanding and engagement. The book’s insights are backed by real-world applications, including Mahar’s work with a 13,500-employee oil and gas company in Portugal and a Risk Management firm in Oklahoma, where his teachings have led to significant improvements in organizational communication and healthcare practices.

Sean E. Mahar, M.A., is the owner of Sean E. Mahar & Associates, LLC, and a renowned expert in communication effectiveness. His innovative approaches have been recognized globally, leading to profound improvements in various sectors. Eric M. Eisenberg, Ph.D., serves as the Senior Vice President of University Community Partnerships at the University of South Florida and is a respected authority in organizational communication. His extensive research and teaching have made significant contributions to the field.

“Stop Wasting Words” is available now and promises to be an invaluable resource for anyone looking to enhance their leadership through better communication. For more information, visit the book’s official website at

About the Authors:

Sean E. Mahar, M.A., combines extensive academic knowledge and applied communication expertise, having influenced communication practices in billion-dollar organizations and his private coaching practice. Eric M. Eisenberg, Ph.D., is an internationally recognized researcher and teacher in organizational communication, with a prolific body of work that includes over seventy-five publications.

“Stop Wasting Words” is poised to redefine how leaders communicate, ensuring that every word counts.

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