Renee Goodwin’s Book “GG Sets Sail” Takes Young Readers on an Enchanting Journey to Discover the Beauty of the World

“Embark on a Whimsical Voyage with GG in Renee Goodwin’s Latest Heartwarming Children’s Adventure”

TYLER, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, November 14, 2023 / — Renowned author, educator, and visionary, Renee Goodwin, has unveiled her latest literary masterpiece, “GG Sets Sail – Seeing The Beauty Of The World.” In this heartwarming addition to the GG Life Lesson Storybook Series®, Renee invites children and their families to join GG the energetic puppy as she sets sail, embarking on an exciting adventure to explore the wonders of the world beyond her own backyard.

About the Book: In “GG Sets Sail,” readers are introduced to GG, a spirited and curious puppy who has always found beauty in her backyard with its colorful flowers and endless stretches of lush green grass. However, one day, My Mrs. Gee, GG’s companion, shares an intriguing idea – the world is brimming with even more beauty, waiting to be discovered by setting sail with their friend, Captain Bob.

GG, although unsure about what sailing entails, responds with an enthusiastic “let’s go, hop aboard” bark, and together, they embark on a remarkable journey. Readers are invited to hop aboard and follow GG as she sets sail, unveiling the splendor and charm of the world that lies beyond her familiar surroundings.

“GG Sets Sail” is not just a captivating tale; it is a powerful lesson for young minds about the importance of curiosity, adventure, and embracing new experiences. Through the eyes of GG, children are encouraged to see the world as a place of endless wonder and possibility.

About Renee Goodwin: Renee Goodwin is a true Renaissance woman, with a background that includes teaching, engineering, business, authorship, and publishing. With an unwavering passion for education and a profound understanding of its transformative power, Renee recognizes the critical role that books play in shaping young minds. She firmly believes that stories are a delightful way to help children understand the world, acquire essential values, and expand their imaginations.

Renee’s dedication to childhood development and education led her to create the GG Life Lesson Storybook Series®, a collection of award-winning children’s books. In these books, life lessons are shared from the perspective of GG, the energetic and lovable puppy. Children learn essential values such as teamwork, friendship, appreciation of beauty, respect for nature, and much more.

One distinguishing feature of Renee’s books is the inclusion of vocabulary words pertinent to the story. These words serve as invaluable learning tools for children, parents, and teachers, offering additional activities that enrich the reading experience.

To date, the GG Life Lesson Storybook Series® includes six titles:

1. “GG Cleans House – Learning Teamwork”

• Mom’s Choice Awards 2021 Silver Medal Recipient

• Family Choice Awards 2021 Gold Medal Recipient

2. “GG Meets Her Match – Becoming Forever Friends”

3. “GG Asks, ‘Is Jesus In Your Class?’ – Seek, Know, Guide, Inspire”

4. “GG Takes Action – Practicing Health Safety”

5. “GG Sets Sail – Seeing the Beauty of the World”

6. “GG Works The Honeybees – Helping Nature”

About the Author: Renee Goodwin’s illustrious academic and professional achievements include:

• Bachelor of Science in Curriculum and Instruction (Mathematics/Chemistry) from Texas A&M University

• Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering from Texas A&M University

• Registered professional engineer for the State of Texas

• Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) from the University of Texas at Tyler

Renee’s career highlights include being the first woman offshore drilling engineer supervisor in the Gulf of Mexico for British Petroleum and establishing the oil and gas corporation, TP Exploration, Inc., where she served as president and CEO for thirty years. Her remarkable journey culminated in her receiving the Texas A&M University 2021 Aggie Women Legacy Award.

Renee’s commitment to education and literature led her to create Goodwin Global Publishing, LLC, offering professional author contract publishing services. She currently resides in Tyler, Texas, cherishing moments with her family and her ever-inspiring companion, GG.

Renee’s mantra is simple yet profound: “Your education belongs to YOU, to encourage YOU, to become that special YOU, to share with others!” Her books are a testament to her dedication to this belief.

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