Powerful New Rock Song “Never Been Enough” by Carissa Summer Rose Serves as New Feminist Anthem

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Acclaimed singer Carissa Summer Rose releases new single from upcoming album, “Never Been Enough,” which serves as an anthem against sexism and inequality.

Women are not always welcomed into certain fields, and that struggle and frustration fed into my lyrics.”

— Carissa Summer Rose

MALIBU, CA, UNITED STATES, March 10, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Carissa Summer Rose has released her latest single, “Never Been Enough” today, a compelling and addictive pop anthem that explores the challenges of self-worth in society, particularly from a woman’s perspective. It effectively serves as a powerful anthem for women and the disenfranchised by the young feminist singer.

Produced by the acclaimed music producer Julian Shah-Tayler, known for his work with David Bowie’s band, and the Lana Del Rey song for the hit Disney film “Maleficent,” this new song marks a significant milestone in Carissa’s musical journey.

Listen to the new single of “Never Been Enough,” here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sk_qTHAgYE0&t=6s

Carissa Summer Rose, now under the management of Starpower Management in all areas, is set to release one more single this month after “Never Been Enough” from her upcoming new album. “Never Been Enough” is her second song she recently recorded with music producer Julian Shah-Tayler last month.

“Never Been Enough” delves into the universal struggle of feeling good enough, a theme that resonates powerfully with Carissa’s dedication to lyrical storytelling. The song captures the essence of her unique musical style, blending dark pop elements with confessional lyrics, and a solid rock anthem.

Hollywood Sentinel describes Carissa Summer Rose’s music as, “blending elements of dark pop, trap, breakbeat, and rock, powerfully her own, stating, fans of Hayley Williams (Paramore), Anne Clark (St. Vincent), and Olivia Rodrigo should love Carissa Summer Rose’s great new single, “Never Been Enough.”

At just 22 years old, Carissa Summer Rose has already made a mark with her dynamic voice and empowering songwriting. Born in Boston, Massachusetts, she moved to Los Angeles at just 17, where she excelled at the Los Angeles College of Music and graced the stages of renowned venues in Hollywood.

As noted in her official biography, “Her musical style effortlessly weaves together elements of pop, rock, R&B, punk, and more, resonating with audiences seeking emotionally charged compositions. Beyond her musical talents, Carissa stands as an activist and lyrical storyteller, advocating themes of self-love, female empowerment, equality, and inner resilience.”

Discussing her new song with “Hollywood Sentinel” today, Carissa Summer Rose was asked what “Never Been Enough” means to her. She states, ““Never Been Enough” is a chapter from my early twenties; a piece of my own experience as a young woman finding her way in her chosen industry and profession,” adding, “I wrote “Never Been Enough” to mock my struggle with perfectionism and feelings of inadequacy from an early age. I wanted to share my perspective of the pressures put on young women to prove themselves, especially when working in male-dominated fields such as sound engineering.” When asked what she hopes listeners will get from the song, she stated, “This song is for anyone who was ever made to feel like they are not enough. You can be enough as you are, and still have room to grow.”

Asked about what the process for creating this song was like for her, Carissa adds, “As a young woman, being a producer as well as a musical artist can be hard when you’re often working with men who have power in the studio. I have worked with quite a few producers who have made me felt heard, equal, and respected. But not every producer is like that. Women are not always welcomed into certain fields, and that struggle and frustration fed into my lyrics.”

In discussing her feminist ideals related to the song, Carissa Summer Rose stated to Hollywood Sentinel, “I think we’re moving closer and closer to women running the world. But there are definitely some obstacles to overcome first. Until women are truly equal to men, we will always have our work cut out for us in educating people on the subject, and we must continue sharing our experiences and perspectives.”

When asked about genre bending, Carissa reported to Hollywood Sentinel, “Experimenting with different genres is nothing new to me. I dwell on pushing my own limits, capabilities, and perspective. I think I was bound to do a more rock-style pop song eventually, because I’ve had an affinity for the riot grrrl [1]. movement for a while. This song is just a sort of love letter to that culture.”

Following the success of her debut album, “It Started in the City of Roses,” and the popularity of her recent singles, “Blacktop” and “Hopeless,” Carissa Summer Rose is actively working on her highly anticipated sophomore album. The upcoming release promises an evolution that mirrors her personal growth, addressing mature themes such as feminism and self-empowerment.

Bruce Edwin, CEO of Starpower Management, expresses excitement about the partnership, stating, “Carissa Summer Rose has an exquisite voice with a uniquely original vocal technique. She is an outstanding songwriter and a lovely person. I am very excited to help in her journey to the next level.”

When asked what fans can expect from her in the future, Carissa Summer Rose states, “I will continue to push the envelope of “pop” as I evolve, that’s for sure. I have always gone against the grain and did my own thing, since a very young age. I think that’s truly who I am at my core.”

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