New Book by Donald Stoesz Chronicles 50 Years of Reconciliation Ministry
New Book by Donald Stoesz Chronicles 50 Years of Reconciliation Ministry

A Tribute to Rev. Dr. Pierre and Judy Allard’s Transformative Impact on Prison Ministry

UNITED STATES, July 5, 2024 / — Author and retired prison chaplain Donald Stoesz announces the release of his latest book, Transformative Moments in Chaplaincy, a profound exploration of the pivotal events and dedicated individuals that have shaped modern prison ministry and correctional chaplaincy. This compelling work celebrates the fifty-year ministry of Rev. Dr. Pierre and Judy Allard, highlighting their significant contributions to reconciliation efforts within Canada and internationally.

Transformative Moments in Chaplaincy weaves together the life experiences of Rev. Dr. Pierre and Judy Allard with broader initiatives they spearheaded, both in Canada and overseas. The book identifies three “kairotic” moments—critical quality moments in the contemporary history of corrections and chaplaincy:

1. The rise of prison visitation and ex-offender reintegration organizations across Canada in the 1960s and 70s.

2. Rev. Dr. Pierre Allard’s collaboration with Correctional Service Canada Commissioner Ole Ingstrup in the early 1980s to develop a new Mission Statement for the Service.

3. The establishment of Just Equipping in 2006 by Pierre and Judy Allard, addressing international reconciliation between offenders and victims in Rwanda and other African countries.

Donald Stoesz skillfully analyzes these historical events and interweaves them with the stories of nine other Canadian chaplains, offering a rich tapestry of prison ministry experiences.

Donald Stoesz holds a B.A., a Master of Divinity (M.Div.) from a Mennonite Seminary in Elkhart, Indiana, and a Ph.D. in Religious Studies from McGill University in Montreal, Quebec. With thirty-five years of experience as a Protestant and minority faith chaplain in various security levels across Quebec and Alberta, Stoesz has a unique perspective on the religious needs of inmates from diverse faith backgrounds. He has also authored Glimpses of Grace (2010), A Prison Chaplaincy Manual (2020), and Magic of Fiction in Illuminating Transformation (2019).

Stoesz wrote Transformative Moments in Chaplaincy to honor Rev. Dr. Pierre and Judy Allard’s half-century of dedication to prison ministry and to find resources necessary for sustaining his own chaplaincy work. The book highlights the Allards’ groundbreaking initiatives, including a new mission statement for Correctional Service Canada and reconciliation efforts in Rwanda through Just Equipping.

The book conveys a powerful message: change and forgiveness are possible. Over his career, Stoesz has facilitated opportunities for inmates to choose remorse, repentance, and amends, leading to their rehabilitation and reintegration. The Allards’ work in Rwanda serves as a testament to the potential for reconciliation, where hundreds of offenders sought and received forgiveness from their victims, fostering healing and hope for all involved.

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