Magic Evangelist Spreads the Gospel Worldwide Through Mesmerizing Illusions

UNITED STATES, June 28, 2024 / — Malaysian magic evangelist, Rosen Roy, is thrilled to announce the success of his ongoing international tour, in which he shares the gospel of Jesus Christ through captivating illusions. The tour represents a unique blend of faith and magic, designed to inspire and bring people closer to Christ.

During his tour, Rosen Roy recently made headlines with his series of magic evangelistic events at the Auckland Baptist Tabernacle in New Zealand, titled “Come See Jesus.” The events were a resounding success, drawing large crowds and leading many attendees to embrace the Christian faith. Rosen’s ability to intertwine gospel messages with mesmerizing illusions has proven to be a powerful tool for evangelism.

Since starting his tour, Rosen Roy’s innovative approach to spreading the gospel has garnered attention from both Christian and mainstream media. His performances have left a lasting impact on audiences in countries around the world, including Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, and many more. Each performance is a testament to his dedication to evangelism and his exceptional talent in the art of illusion.

“I believe that magic can break language barriers and my dream is to share my passion for Jesus Christ with the world through my magic acts,” says Rosen. “Seeing people come to faith and experience the love of God is the greatest reward. It’s incredible to witness the transformation that occurs when someone sees the gospel in a new light. My goal is to reach as many people as possible, showing them that faith and creativity can work hand in hand to reveal the profound truths of the Christian faith.”

In addition to his live shows, Rosen has developed a unique gospel tool known as the “Preachers Deck.” This set of cards is designed to help churches share the gospel in an engaging and interactive manner and has been praised for its creativity and effectiveness in outreach efforts.

Rosen is also currently working on new material and writing a new gospel show based on his own personal encounters. However, to bring these ideas to life, he will need support to proceed. He plans to collaborate with theaters and musicians to create a truly unique and impactful performance.

To expand his reach and continue his mission, Rosen is seeking support from churches, theaters, and individual supporters. Donations and partnerships will enable him to bring his blend of faith and magic to new audiences, furthering his goal of spreading the good news of Jesus Christ. Rosen aims to continue sharing his message and performances with communities that have never experienced this innovative approach to evangelism, particularly in the United States and United Kingdom.

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About Rosen Roy

Rosen Roy is a respected, award-winning magician and evangelist known for his innovative approach to gospel magic. With a passion for combining the art of illusion with messages of faith, Rosen has inspired audiences around the world, bringing many to Christ through his captivating performances. Trained for 20 years in magic and a seminary graduate, Rosen has worked as a pastor and missionary, sharing the gospel not only in churches but also in hospitals, prisons, schools, and many more. His dedication and unique method of evangelism continue to impact lives globally.

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