Longtime Chicago Republican Official Endorses Kennedy

Carl Segvich Supporting Bobby Kennedy

11th Ward Republican Committeeman in the city of Chicago, Carl Segvich, was elected to office in 2008, and re-elected 3 more times.

I, Carl Segvich, am endorsing Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. for president of the United States. Kennedy is fighting hard against Big Pharma and corrupt corporations.”

— Carl Segvich

ZAGREB, CROATIA, January 31, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ —
“I am now in Croatia, studying and trying to help my constituents, and all Americans, by examining and comparing systems around the world, specifically in Croatia and Italy. One has a much higher probability of being a good political leader if one has worldwide experience.

Traveling allows one to experience life in other environments and in different cultures. This tour allows me to see improvements on the ground that can be made to our system at home. For example, employee compensation, healthcare, housing and transportation.

I know that it is rare indeed that I, a four-time elected official, would be doing what I’m doing – living and studying politics in Europe. Sometimes an initiative for boldness is necessary.

I’ve examined the candidates for president of the United States. I love my country with all my heart, and I am tired of the division, as are 99% of Americans. We’re tired of corporations and governments dividing citizens and workers by race, sexuality, gender, etc. We very simply demand a meritocracy. We demand an end to capricious quotas. Live and let live.

Republicans and Democrats have been arguing over our USA border for decades. Now there is virtually no distinction between the words “Legal” and “Illegal.” We obviously desperately need clear and sane policies regarding citizenship and sovereignty. We need mature and intelligent leaders to negotiate honestly and morally.

We demand a media which reports the news fairly with 100% disinterest.

For this and many reasons I am not endorsing Nikki Haley nor Donald Trump. Our United States of America has never had a complete lack of leadership until now. The USA is now 100% rudderless. It is a ship lost and out of control in the high seas, about to capsize.

I, Carl Segvich, am endorsing Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. for president of the United States. Kennedy is fighting hard against Big Pharma and corrupt corporations. I personally feel so close to his fight because of what I’ve attempted to do in my 16 years as a Republican Committeeman in the city of Chicago.

At this inflection point in the USA, Bobby has the initiative to leave the Democrat Party. In this time of moral decadence and utter lack of leadership in our nation, I am stepping away from our Republican Party to endorse the most sober, mature, fearless candidate, a no-nonsense person who is addressing a serious topic for many Americans and people the world over – the relationship, especially financial, between pharmaceutical companies, government and media.

Most importantly, Kennedy is addressing the undeniable and inexplicable growing poverty.

As Bobby says, “People who work hard should be able to afford a decent life.”

The so-called American dream is now a nightmare as more than 60% of Americans live pay-check to pay-check with no savings. President Kennedy will not accept this. We can reverse this dystopian trend by acknowledging the bad deeds of the past 5 decades by the 2-party system. Those bad deeds include the vulgar spending of Americans’ money on wars!

Kennedy has, as I like to say, a serious sense of purpose. Kennedy brings unity for our nation, freeing us from the old, tired and now dying 2-party system.

We cherish independence. Now we declare our independence.

I support independent Bobby Kennedy for president, and I am asking all American citizens to ‘declare your independence.’”

Carl Segvich, Republican Party Committeeman, Chicago – 11th Ward (2008 – )

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