Heal R World and ClimateTrade join forces to provide SMEs access to the world’s largest carbon offsetting portfolio.

Carbon sequestering from soil, Puerto Rico




The initiative is a recognition from both companies of climate risks as the most pressing threat to people and the planet.

VALENCIA, SPAIN, February 5, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Heal R World, a leading advocate for sustainable business practices, is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with ClimateTrade, a pioneer in the field of carbon offsetting and blockchain based climate solutions. This collaboration exists to drive climate conscious business decision making and bring together two entities that are committed to driving decarbonization and climate impact on a global scale.

The Global Risk Report 2024 by the World Economic Forum, declared climate issues as some of the most pressing threats to mankind over the next two to ten years. Recognizing the critical need for swift and impactful action, the collaboration between Heal R World and ClimateTrade aligns with the global call to address climate risks and provides a tangible solution for businesses to proactively contribute to mitigating these imminent challenges.

Heal R World has been at the forefront of promoting sustainability and conscious consumerism, empowering small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to make eco-friendly choices. Through its collaboration with ClimateTrade, the company aims to further strengthen its commitment to environmental responsibility by addressing the carbon footprint of companies within its business network.

One of the primary focuses of this partnership is to educate SMEs about their carbon footprint and raise awareness about the environmental impact of their operations. Heal R World will leverage its expertise to provide valuable insights and guidance, helping these businesses understand and quantify their carbon emissions.

Heal R World, in collaboration with ClimateTrade, will offer practical solutions for SMEs to not only calculate but also offset their carbon footprint. By providing accessible tools and resources, the partnership aims to make it easier for businesses to take meaningful steps towards sustainability. ClimateTrade is the only carbon offsetting platform offering personalized offsetting certificates to individuals and businesses who contribute. These certificates act as tangible evidence of their impact, presenting comprehensive project details, the offset amount of CO2 emissions, and a direct link to the blockchain transaction record, ensuring transparency and accountability in every environmental commitment.

ClimateTrade, known for being pioneers in the climate technology and the voluntary carbon market have built the world’s largest carbon offsetting marketplace, a portfolio that hosts over 200+ projects that seek to compensate for the detrimental effects of climate change through carbon mitigation, biodiversity conservation and renewable energy initiatives. Built on blockchain technology, their Marketplace empowers the private sector to channel vital green investment to projects and places that need it most, while offsetting the negative emissions generated by their business.

ClimateTrade project: Carbon sequestering from soil, Puerto Rico

“We believe that conscious consumerism and sustainable business practices go hand in hand. Our collaboration with ClimateTrade is a natural progression in our mission to create a positive impact on the environment. By joining forces, we are not only educating businesses about their carbon footprint but also providing them with practical solutions to reduce and offset their impact,” said Michele Bongiovanni, Founder and CEO, Heal R World.

“We are excited to partner with Heal R World in our shared commitment to make climate action accessible to businesses of all sizes. We aim to scale our impact by combining resources and empower a growing community of conscious SMEs,” said Francicso Benedito, CEO and Co-Founder, ClimateTrade.

Heal R World and ClimateTrade are united in their vision to drive positive change and create a more sustainable future. Together, they are confident that this collaboration will inspire more businesses to join the movement towards environmental responsibility.

About Heal R World
A catalyst for sustainable business practices, Heal R World specializes in empowering small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to embrace eco-conscious decisions. Dedicated to cultivating a global community of conscious consumers, the company collaborates with like-minded organizations to address climate change challenges. Founded on principles of social and environmental impact, Heal R World actively contributes to creating positive change globally. The company’s initiatives concentrate on raising awareness, providing educational resources, and offering practical tools for businesses to measure and offset their carbon emissions.

About ClimateTrade
ClimateTrade is on a mission to make climate action accessible to everyone. With an extensive suite of climate technology solutions, they empower individuals and businesses to measure their environmental impact and offset their carbon footprint efficiently and transparently. Their marketplace facilitates large-scale decarbonization by connecting project developers with climate champions. Committed to creating a positive impact, ClimateTrade’s platform hosts the world’s largest directory for environmental projects. This commitment is exemplified through a holistic approach, sourcing renewable energy, biodiversity initiatives, and pioneering projects like carbon-forward technology. ClimateTrade operates with complete transparency and traceability, enabling users to make informed choices about the projects they support. ClimateTrade takes pride in significant environmental achievements, having removed/absorbed over 6 million tons of CO2. This success solidifies their position as the host of the world’s largest climate Marketplace.

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