“Greater Germany” – A Riveting Tale of Alternate History and Resilience by Eric Hausker
“Greater Germany” – A Riveting Tale of Alternate History and Resilience by Eric Hausker

Explore Eric Hausker’s “Greater Germany,” a riveting alternate history set in a triumphant 1989 German Reich reshaped by unexpected World War II events.

UNITED STATES, February 10, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — In this gripping narrative, Eric Hausker paints a vivid picture of a Europe overshadowed by the Greater German Reich, Grossdeutschland. The turning point? The sudden assassination of Adolf Hitler in 1943, altering the course of history. The German General Staff regains control, paving the way for an uneasy peace with the Western Allies and checking the Soviets just in time. Fast forward 45 years, and as Germany prepares to honor Der Fuehrer’s 100th birth anniversary, journalist Robert Davison receives an invitation to Warsaw. The mission: to show the world through the journalist’s dispatches that Poles are being well-treated, with adequate living conditions. However, the story takes a turn as Zdzislawa, a passionate Polishwoman, and Jerzy, the son of a Resistance hero, aim to expose unsettling truths behind Germany’s legacy in Poland.

Eric Hausker, born in Minnesota, discovered his love for European History early on. Fluent in German and Spanish, he gained unique insights into his favorite subject. Now retired, Eric lives with his wife in New Jersey, bringing his passion for history to life through his writing.

In a heartfelt reflection on his inspiration, Eric Hausker shares, “Like millions of boys born in the 1950s, I was imbued with stories of World War II. I learned about the suffering of the people of Poland and their heroic fight for freedom. ‘Greater Germany’ is my way of expressing admiration for them through an alternative historical novel.”

“Greater Germany” is not merely a tale of divergent paths but a poignant exploration of the human spirit, resilience, and the pursuit of truth. Join us as we navigate through a world where history took an unexpected turn, and the shadows of the past continue to cast long and haunting silhouettes on the present.

“Greater Germany” is now available at major bookstores, online retailers. Dive into a captivating narrative that challenges preconceptions and sparks reflection on the enduring impact of pivotal moments in history.

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