Global Specialists Unite to Launch Groundbreaking Applied AI and Frontier Technology Water Accelerator Program

Nelaka Haturusinha, Striders Investment Managing Director

R3i Capital, R3i Ventures, Pureterra Ventures, Striders Corporation, and Hatcher+ unite to capitalize and accelerate disruptive water technologies.

Recognizing water as a critical component in addressing pressing global issues, this program serves as a conduit for innovative startups to spearhead high-tech water infrastructure development.””

— Nelaka Haturusinha, Striders Investment Managing Director

SINGAPORE, May 13, 2024 / — In a pioneering move to tackle the world’s water security challenges, a consortium of leading technology and innovation specialist powerhouses, including R3i Capital, Pureterra Ventures, Hatcher+, and Striders Corporation, has today announced the launch of Planet43 Hydro, a global Applied AI Water Tech Program. This initiative represents a leap forward in leveraging advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies and hardware to develop sustainable water solutions across the globe.

With water scarcity and pollution posing critical threats to billions of individuals worldwide, the partnership aims to harness AI’s unparalleled capabilities to improve water quality, increase accessibility, and ensure efficient water management practices. The program is set to introduce cutting-edge innovations that promise to revolutionize how we conserve, manage, and distribute this vital resource.

R3i Ventures launched the first Planet43 programs in 2023 in JAPAC with Striders Corporation and Hatcher+ to accelerate deeptech and healthcare solutions that advance the Sustainable Development Goals. The expansion of this program will include a specialist stream in water, resulting from R3i’s many years of collaboration with global water investment experts Pureterra Ventures. The new Planet43 Hydro accelerator programs will act as a robust sourcing, selection, and due diligence engine for the Consortium, ultimately driving high-performance investment, accelerated market access, and growth for portfolio companies.

R3i’s technological foundation powers world-class founders sourced and selected for equal opportunity using the Hatcher+ platform and 2X Principles. Hatcher+, the award-winning data-driven climate investor, and Striders, leaders in Smart City development, will contribute their deep industry climate investment knowledge and fund administration technical expertise. This synergy will drive the growth of scalable and efficient water tech solutions, targeting both the immediate needs and long-term challenges of water scarcity and sanitation.

The cohorts will also be powered by industry giants Microsoft for startups and Nvidia. These companies bring advanced cloud AI, accelerated computing capabilities, and millions of dollars in tech perks to strengthen founders’ tech stacks and reduce burn rates.

“The collaboration between these entities underscores a shared commitment to leveraging technology for the greater good,” said Leesa Soulodre, Founding Partner of R3i Capital and leader of the Planet43 Hydro consortium. “We are at a critical juncture in addressing global water scarcity and climate challenges, and through this program, we aim to catalyze positive change to ensure a sustainable and water-secure future for all.”

“After the successful implementation of the Planet43 program, we are profoundly enthused to champion this Hydro-focused initiative. This endeavor underscores our unwavering commitment to achieving Sustainable Development Goal #6 and aligns seamlessly with our investment thesis of providing impactful solutions to deep issues, said Nelaka Haturusinha, Striders Investment Managing Director.

This groundbreaking initiative marks a pivotal moment in the fight against global water scarcity, setting a new standard for collaborative innovation in the environmental sector. With AI at its core, the program is poised to deliver transformative solutions that will address the immediate challenges of water management and pave the way for a sustainable future.

For more information about the PLANET43 Hydro Program and its upcoming projects, please visit

Planet43 runs a comprehensive global sourcing, selection, and due diligence process to source its Founders for Family Offices, CVCs, and Institutional Venture Arms who seek to invest in frontier technologies and applied AI. Founders can apply online:

Only 47 Founders around the world have been offered a golden ticket to apply to the program from an initial pool of more than 1,500 companies. Offers have been made to the Founders selected. The program goes live on 8 June 2024.

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