Discover the Unveiling of Jesus Christ in “The Scroll” by David Finch MD

A Groundbreaking Exploration of Revelation’s Apocalyptic Language and Prophetic Visions

UNITED STATES, June 11, 2024 / — Renowned physician and scholar, Dr. David Finch, brings a fresh perspective to the Book of Revelation with his latest book, “The Scroll”. This imaginative and insightful narrative uncovers the apocalyptic language of Revelation chapters 4-12, revealing the profound story of Jesus Christ from creation to incarnation.

“The Scroll” employs the literary device from Revelation 5, depicting a scroll held by the One seated on the throne, to decode the symbolic language describing significant events for the Hebrew people and their prophetic role in bringing the Messiah to the world. Dr. Finch’s work illuminates the “mystery of Christ,” ultimately unveiling that Jesus is central to the narrative of redemption and triumph over evil.

Dr. Finch’s book offers readers a clear understanding of the Revelation of Jesus Christ as a coherent, time-linear story. By interpreting the apocalyptic language, “The Scroll” reveals a story that, once seen, cannot be unseen. It details the growth of the “mystery of Christ” through tribulation, culminating in the glorious triumph of Christ and His Church.

Dr. David Finch is a distinguished physician, prolific inventor, and dedicated student of Christian scripture. Raised in a pastor’s home, he developed a deep passion for ancient history, Biblical archeology, and the anthropology of religion. His extensive background includes a degree from Mississippi College and a medical degree from the University of Mississippi School of Medicine. Now retired from patient care, Dr. Finch continues to innovate in medical device development and serves as an informal Bible teacher for international Christian ministries. He resides in rural Mississippi with his wife, Sonja.

Prompted by his wife’s challenge to teach the complex Book of Revelation, Dr. Finch immersed himself in exhaustive research. His discoveries led to a transformative understanding of the scripture, which he initially shared as a Bible study and later developed into a graduate seminary course. “The Scroll” combines factual research with creative storytelling to make Revelation accessible and engaging.

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