CPTDog Announces Strategic Partnership Adjustment

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Partnership Discontinuation with Trine University

PASADENA, CALIFORNIA, U.S., June 6, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — CPTDog, a premier education consultancy specializing in recruiting international students to U.S. higher education institutions, regretfully announces their decision to discontinue partnership with Trine University. Although this decision results in a business loss for CPTDog, it was made to ensure the long-term success and security of students’ immigration journeys.

Evaluation and Strategic Decision from 2024 NAFSA Insights

CPTDog’s decision is based on new insights gained at the 2024 NAFSA (Association of International Educators) Annual Conference from May 28-31, 2024. This event, attended by representatives from the US Department of State, DSOs, admission officers, USCIS officials, immigration lawyers, and education agencies, provided us with deeper insights into Day 1 CPT programs.

One notable presentation was delivered by David Gluckman, Esq. from McCandlish Holton, PC, a legal specialist in academic immigration. Titled “Day 1 CPT: Why, When, and How,” the presentation explained the legal foundation for Day 1 CPT and provided guidance on designing programs that not only comply with USCIS regulations by the letter but also can pass the “smell test,” considering the vague nature of immigration regulations.

After attending this presentation and consulting with numerous immigration lawyers, CPTDog determined that while Trine University’s program design adheres to regulatory requirements, its on-site frequency, on-site hours, and other elements are at the lower end of the compliance spectrum. According to legal consultants, this increases the chances of Requests for Evidence (RFEs) and scrutiny by USCIS.

Consequently, CPTDog has made the difficult business decision to stop renewing collaboration contract with Trine University. Please note that this decision reflects CPTDog’s cautious approach and unwavering commitment to their students’ best interests rather than any defects in Trine’s program design.

Reassurance for Current and Previous Students

Trine University holds regional accreditation, the highest level of accreditation for U.S. higher education institutions. During its previous partnership with CPTDog, Trine’s Day 1 CPT program fully complied with USCIS regulations. CPTDog wants to reassure all currently and previously enrolled students that their status remains legitimate and secure at this moment. CPTDog has even enrolled its own employees at Trine, demonstrating confidence in the institution’s safety and compliance during their collaboration period.

Students currently enrolled at Trine have no immediate reason to transfer unless specific issues arise. However, if legitimate reasons arise, such as difficulties in obtaining guidance or timely CPT approvals, CPTDog is prepared to assist students in transferring.

Moving forward, CPTDog will no longer actively promote Trine University to either its future students or its own employees. However, rest assured, CPTDog continue to partner with many other universities offering a variety of majors and robust, compliant Day 1 CPT programs. CPTDog is also always actively seeking new partnerships with universities that align with their commitment to international students’ long-term success.

For more information or assistance, please contact CPTDog.

About CPTDog
Located in Pasadena, CA, CPTDog is a subsidiary of GoElite, Inc., a revered provider of comprehensive services, including guidance on Day 1 CPT programs, university matching, and expert immigration advice. The organization is dedicated to improving the journey of international students and non-immigrant visa holders, offering customized solutions and dedicated support. Having assisted over 5,000 international students in remaining in the U.S. after failing to secure an H1B visa, CPTDog continues to provide invaluable support and resources.

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