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Europeans Abroad - International Dating Platform available on website and app.

Europeans Abroad – International Dating Platform on website and app.

Woman-owned relationship App connects international singles & friendship seekers, fostering global friendships, romantic relationships, & everything in between.

Our platform is about bringing global citizens together, whether they’re seeking love, friendship, or shared experiences. We created a truly international environment with an all-inclusive character.”

— Katharina Gruber, Co-Founder of Europeans Abroad

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, November 17, 2023 / — In an era characterized by global connections and an evolving dating landscape, Europeans Abroad steps forward as an innovative platform that reshapes the very definition of relationships. Founded by a dynamic German couple with over twenty years of living and traveling abroad, Europeans Abroad is meticulously designed to transcend geographical boundaries and foster connections among individuals worldwide.

The Changing Dynamics of the Dating Industry

The dating industry is undergoing a remarkable transformation. It’s transitioning away from traditional courtship norms as more individuals seek meaningful connections on a global and digital scale. Europeans Abroad is at the forefront of this shift, offering a unique approach to connecting, dating, and exploring diverse horizons.

A Truly International Audience

In 2022, CNN reported that the US State Department estimated nine million Americans living overseas. These global citizens represent a significant demographic actively seeking connections that surpass geographical borders. Europeans Abroad recognizes and welcomes this audience, creating an inclusive space where people worldwide can connect, regardless of location.

Empowering International Connections

The United Nations reported that in 2020 the number of international migrants reached a staggering 281 million worldwide. This global population is searching for avenues to connect with like-minded individuals, discover diverse cultures, and forge relationships that transcend borders. Europeans Abroad’s extensive user base from already more than 50 countries brings these global citizens together, uniting cultures and fostering significant relationships.

Rediscover Love, Friendship, and Adventure

Europeans Abroad has a unique, multifaceted audience in its sights. It caters to expats living abroad and local individuals, regardless of location. Whether users are halfway across the globe or just around the corner, Europeans Abroad welcomes them to connect with kindred spirits and experience love, friendship, and adventure in an entirely new light.

An Inclusive and Welcoming Space

Inclusivity is fundamental to Europeans Abroad’s mission. The platform warmly embraces individuals of all genders, orientations, and identities. It even offers a dedicated ‘non-binary’ option to ensure that everyone finds their rightful place within the vibrant community.

Seamless Accessibility

Europeans Abroad provides a seamless experience across all platforms. Users can explore its features on the website or through the user-friendly mobile app available on iOS and Google Android. Users stay connected regardless of their location or preferences by using both the website and the app.

Crafting Meaningful Connections

The platform empowers users to define their connections, with options ranging from ‘friends’ to ‘friends with benefits’ and ‘date/partner.’ Europeans Abroad’s extensive array of tools, including detailed profile options, initiates easy connections through their ‘Flirts’. Limitless in-app video chats and messaging enrich these connections.

Safety and Control

Safety and control are paramount. Europeans Abroad provides robust features to block and report profiles that violate community guidelines. A multi-language profanity filter ensures a positive and respectful environment for all users.

A Platform for Global Citizens

“Our platform is about bringing global citizens together, whether they’re seeking love, friendship, or shared experiences,” says Katharina, co-founder of Europeans Abroad. Users can begin their journey with a free version, accessing a vibrant community and exploring the platform. For those seeking more profound connections, an affordable $15 monthly subscription unlocks all features, ensuring a richer and more fulfilling experience.

Small Woman-Owned Venture in the World of Online Connections

As a small woman-owned business, Europeans Abroad stands apart from the dating app giants. Unlike many in the industry backed by large venture capitalist funding, Europeans Abroad prides itself on its independence and focus on user experience. This independence allows to prioritize creating a platform centered around meaningful interactions rather than solely profit-driven motives. However, being a small player in a competitive landscape poses challenges, making every user’s support pivotal in providing a refreshing and genuine alternative to online dating and connections.

To explore Europeans Abroad’s features and possibilities, visit Find the app on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. To experience the upgraded, paid version, reach out, and we will provide journalists unlimited free access.

About Europeans Abroad

Europeans Abroad is an international dating and friendship platform founded by a German couple with extensive experience living and traveling abroad. The platform aims to connect singles and like-minded individuals across the globe, fostering friendships, romantic relationships, and meaningful connections.

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