Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi at the Forefront of Ingenius Approaches to Complex Head & Neck Surgery

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi at the Forefront of Ingenius Approaches to Complex Head & Neck Surgery

Cleveland Clinic with its advanced techniques for complex head and neck surgery is leading all others and improving the life quality of hundreds of people.

ABU DHABI, ABU DHABI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, May 5, 2024 / — It is not an easy task to perform complex operations or surgical treatments with extreme precision. However, with Cleveland Clinic, everyone now has the opportunity to improve their quality of life. Head and neck surgeries have now become possible with Cleveland Clinic’s comprehensive care unit dedicated to complex and critical operations.

The treatment involves using various state-of-the-art methods to treat conditions that may affect the skull base, maxillofacial areas, and the neck. These intricate surgeries offer hope and have proved to be a life-saving option for patients diagnosed with head or neck cancers, tumours and other serious medical conditions.

What Does It Offer?

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi is known for its advancements in the field of medical sciences and for offering a brilliant solution to overcome health challenges of various types.

They have several programs in place to treat skull and neck-related issues. The most common ones include:

Advanced microvascular reconstruction

This method is used to repair damaged tissues of the head and neck. These tissues usually get damaged after cancer treatment. During this method, healthy tissues from other parts of the body are taken and transplanted at the affected site.

This method also ensures that the blood vessels are in the proper place to avoid damage or death of the tissues.

Minimally invasive skull base surgery

This procedure requires careful consideration and extreme precision as it involves removing tumours located in the skull. All thanks to Cleveland Clicinc’s highly qualified and experienced staff that has made this process a breeze.

All the patients get the treatment in a favourable environment where their physical, mental and emotional health is closely monitored.

Innovative ablative head and neck surgery

This is a proven surgical method that is effective for the treatment of cancer in the head and neck region. The tumours are removed from the oral cavity, skin, oropharynx and larynx.

A destination for advanced surgical options

There are endless choices that Cleveland Clinic offers for the well-being of people. Besides routine checkups, treatment options and surgical practices, the hospital has also made certain technological advancements in offering top-notch facilities for cancer patients.

The hospital offers these advanced treatments with the latest equipment:

Robotic surgery systems

This is the biggest achievement of the clinic, as this technology requires advanced robotic systems that ensure minimum incisions and the fastest recovery time. However, with the help, skills, and expertise of trained and well-equipped doctors, it is now possible to get the treatment of patients done in the UAE with accuracy.

Intraoperative imaging systems

This system brings the imaging techniques to a whole new level. With this process, doctors confirm the surgical accuracy and make sure that the spinal implants are in the proper place.

Advanced microvascular instruments

The clinic uses advanced microvascular instruments for some surgeries. It helps surgeons perform very delicate procedures on some parts like blood vessels. With that, surgeons can be extremely careful in how they operate.

With that enhanced accuracy, the success rate of microvascular surgeries is quite high. This leads to a better lifestyle for patients and healthy outcomes after their surgeries. All that rouses a new life in hopeless patients.

HD endoscopic systems

Sometimes when it gets critical to examine the inside of a person’s body to get a clear view, the experts make use of HD endoscopy.

An endoscope is a small camera on a thin tube that can go inside the body. It is used to get a clear and detailed HD view of various parts. It is extremely helpful when operating on areas deep inside the body that are hard to see and reach with the naked eye.

The clear visualization improves patient safety during operations. All this also helps doctors understand the current state of the body.

About Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi is an extension of the US-based Cleveland Clinic and a part of M42 Group which is a multispecialty hospital in Abu Dhabi. The clinic is determined and always welcoming to both local and international patients. This ensures that the health of the people is paramount and everyone must have a chance to begin a new life after a critical disease like cancer. To learn more about complex head and neck surgeries at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, visit the website or call directly.

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