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BIONIK makes shelf life, cost and sustainability problems in food production a thing of the past

OWINGEN, GERMANY, June 26, 2023/ — is a ‘trend-setting’ and growth-oriented German R&D company in the field of water treatment at Lake Constance. It deals with BIONIK, an exclusively nature-conform water treatment and clearly differs from its competitors in all approaches. Vital water is the new keyword, which developer Nadeen Althoff sums up in terms of content by “structure generates stability”. Leaping sustainability in food production, doubling the shelf life of food & beverages produced and processed with Bormia and a significant cost reduction, are weighty arguments in the current time. The bionic water treatment at is underpinned by powerless application, freedom from maintenance and without collateral damage to the product – a significant ‘trendsetting’ innovation. as th only bionic watertreatement has obtained the 3rd and 4th certification to reduce best bevor food problems for food the entire food industry. Certifications in water treatment clarify the question “What is good for the product and subsequently for the human body”?, as a provider of a natural water treatment process and electro less colloid homogenizer, extends its scientific lead again with 2 more certifications. Two further meaningful scientifically reproducible test methods for the question “What causes vitality in water?”. So far, cell biology (bio-availability and reaction of the body cells) and bio-physics (effect on the entire glandular system) were already trendsetting for natural water treatment. Bormia extends its scientific certifications by the traditional method of Spagyrik and by scientific realizations in the current book of Professor Gerald Pollack (the USA) “water is more than H²O” page 108. The investigation of the Spagyrik was commented with the abbreviation: “Trendsetting”! It shows pictures with “high-lively” structuring (see pic). In the book of Prof. Pollack, a world-known water scientist was a 1:1 correspondence (match). On the question of “maximum energy input in drinking water” Prof. G. Pollack measures a “3,000 nm nanometre wavelength – a deep infrared”. This quantity was measured in a 2006 quality study at – which at that time was merely a handmade water treatment system (test device).

The previous findings about the quality characteristics of natural water treatment of, i.e. the bio-colloid spring water generator and bio-colloid homogenizer (MIXXER) are to be specified to the simple formula: “Natural structures through natural water treatment doubles the stability (shelf life) in all foods made with it”. “Purely technically oriented water treatment (technical concepts of water) will not come close to achieving such meaningful certification density and quality as, because nature cannot be overridden in its maxims.” Food-problems in regard of shelflife are for the past now

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