Award-Winning Author Pens Thriller About Domestic Terrorism and the Fight for Democracy

Dr. Black

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS, UNITED STATES, June 10, 2024 / — In his latest medical thriller, award-winning author Dr. Peter Black highlights America’s battle against extremist ideologies. Berserker describes the rediscovery of a powerful Viking drug, which, when ingested, leads to chaos and violence.

Dr. Duncan MacGregor and his dedicated team find themselves thrust into a race against time to foil the plans of right-wing extremists. With Berserker funded and distributed by a neoconservative billionaire, the stakes couldn’t be higher. The threat to destabilize American democracy increases as domestic terrorists move toward a totalitarian takeover.

From an autopsy room in Morocco to the Fourth of July festivities in Boston, Black’s narrative highlights the pervasive threat of paramilitary groups in the United States. As the clock ticks, Team MacGregor encounters a maze of danger, striving to prevent a catastrophe that could dismantle the foundations of the American political system.

Addressing extremism is responsibility we all share to preserve a stable society. Berserker underscores the role of fiction as a vehicle to address real-world issues. The novel urges readers to acknowledge the threat of extremist groups in modern society and stand firm in defense of human rights and democratic values.

About the Author:

Dr. Peter Black’s diverse background includes naval service, neurosurgery, and leadership roles in international societies. His debut novel, “Seizure,” won the prestigious Writer’s Digest award for best independent genre fiction in 2021.

Dr. Black’s stories feature advanced technology, brain science, and political intrigue. His novels, packed with relatable characters, exotic locations, and unexpected plot twists, are truly thrillers with a brain.

Splitting his time between greater Boston and London, England, Dr. Black can be found through various social media platforms.

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