Author Tom Puma Unveils Gripping Crime/Love Story in “The Bully”

Unraveling a Tale of Mystery and Romance with Tom Puma’s Latest Thriller, “The Bully”

UNITED STATES, November 14, 2023 / — Author Tom Puma, a retired electrician turned full-time writer, introduces readers to a thrilling crime/love story set against the backdrop of a high school renovation in his latest novel, “The Bully.”

The narrative unfolds in a high school in Upstate New York amidst a remodeling project for a new boiler system. As the construction crew demolishes a block wall, they stumble upon a hidden room containing a chair-bound, gagged body. The discovery sends shockwaves through the community, leading detectives to unravel a mystery that dates back to the 1960s.

Detectives recruit Billy Sutter, a retired firefighter intimately familiar with the neighborhood’s past, to assist in solving the case. Partnering with rookie detective Jackie Summers, they delve into the events surrounding a bully’s disappearance in 1969. Veteran detective Gerald Higgins and rookie cop Johnny Wallace join forces to interview students using a yearbook provided by Billy, uncovering a complex web of secrets.

The plot takes an unexpected turn when Billy and Jackie travel to Oregon to interview an old student, Rose, who turns out to be Billy’s high school sweetheart. The novel evolves into a captivating love story, exploring the enduring spark between two people separated by over fifty-three years.

Tom Puma, known for his debut book “The Adventures of Tom and Fiore,” published in 1982, brings decades of writing experience to “The Bully.” A retired electrician, Puma decided to publish his works after retirement, residing in Cave Creek, Arizona. His diverse interests include history, bible study, and attending art shows, while his first-hand experience with the themes of love, crime, and societal issues enriches his storytelling.

In his mission to address the prevalent issue of bullying in schools, Puma emphasizes the book’s core message — that bullying should not be tolerated, and educators should actively seek solutions to eradicate it. As part of this commitment, 25% of all royalties from “The Bully” will be donated to Saint Jude Children’s Cancer Hospital.

Readers can find more about Tom Puma and his works, including “A Journey Through the Twelve Days of Christmas,” on his website

“The Bully” is now available for purchase at major bookstores and online retailers.

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