ARAX Sets a New Benchmark in Access Control Management with DePIN & Luna Mesh

Arax is revolutionizing Industry Standards through Decentralized Infrastructure and Data Storage Networks

Arax Holdings Corp. (OTCBB:ARAT)

By decentralizing enterprise infrastructures, such as access control systems, we significantly broaden our total addressable market. This shift paves the way for new market opportunities.”

— Michael P. Loubser – CEO

NEW YORK, NY, USA, April 12, 2024 / — ARAX, a pioneer in blockchain integration, proudly unveils a transformative collaboration in technology that sets a new benchmark for decentralized infrastructure—melding Core Blockchain, Core Token, CorePass, Codetech, and Lunaº Mesh into a unified platform. Ockert Loubser, co-founder of the Core Blockchain Network, CEO of Codetech, and COO of ARAX, led today’s reveal, marking a significant stride towards embedding blockchain deeply into everyday business operations and life.

“Our approach is revolutionary, providing robust solutions that leverage the immutable ledger of Core Blockchain and Core Token Smart Contract Platform, enhanced by CorePass’s identification capabilities,” said Loubser. When integrated with IoT-based decentralized storage and Lunaº Mesh for peer-to-peer communications, this technology suite offers unprecedented security, transparency, and reliability for enterprise data management.

Lunaº Mesh: Bridging the Gap in Communication Infrastructure

Lunaº Mesh elevates ARAX’s offerings by enhancing existing communication infrastructures, extending last-mile reach, and serving as a cost-effective method to broaden accessibility. This versatility is crucial for seamless integration with both decentralized storage frameworks and centralized data centers, acting as a critical fail-safe and strengthening the resilience of business operations against disruptions. Rastislav Vašička, CIO/CTO of ARAX, emphasized the transformative impact of this technology: ‘Let’s imagine a world without the internet, yet still connected through surges of data connections. Lunaº Mesh is achieving a new future of decentralized communication.’

Impact on Shareholder Value and Industry Applications

The adoption of cutting-edge technologies not only enhances operational efficiency but also increases shareholder value by introducing advanced business intelligence capabilities and improving infrastructure utilization. “By decentralizing enterprise infrastructures, such as access control systems, we significantly broaden our total addressable market. This shift paves the way for new market opportunities and exhilarates the adoption of decentralized solutions, including our Core Blockchain and its Ecosystem, fostering growth across diverse sectors,” Michael Loubser, CEO of ARAX, explained. “Every element of our integrated system plays a crucial role, from the Core Blockchain, which forms the foundation of our transactions, to Luna Mesh’s innovative network solutions that guarantee the security and authentication of every transaction and event,” Ockert Loubser further elaborated.

Demonstration and Practical Application

Today’s session also included a live demonstration of an NFC card reader, decentralized through ARAX’s platform, showcasing the practicality and ease of integrating sophisticated blockchain technology into daily operations without the need for extensive hardware overhauls.

Looking Ahead: Pioneering the Future of Decentralized Solutions

As ARAX continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in decentralized technology, the potential for reshaping industries is immense. By enhancing transparency, security, and interoperability, ARAX is setting new industry standards for how data is managed and utilized, fostering a balanced ecosystem of supply and demand within DePIN. “Leveraging data as a strategic asset is about building consensus for transformative changes in processes, technologies, and the workforce that adopts them,” explains Michael Loubser. He adds “Starting with clear priorities in both processes and technology allows leading enterprises to navigate and champion these changes effectively.”

About ARAX

ARAX is a leader in the integration of blockchain technology with enterprise solutions, dedicated to transforming business practices with innovative, sustainable, and compliant digital infrastructure. ARAX’s commitment to advancing the digital transformation landscape is evident through its continuous innovation and strategic integration of decentralized technologies.

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