AOJ Language School Announces Tuition Fee Adjustment for Fall 2024 Admission; Current Rates Honored Until This Spring

Spring semester enrollment for 2024 is the final opportunity to enroll before the tuition fee price revision

Spring semester 2024 admission special offer

Spring semester 2024 admission special offer

Free trial lesson

Free trial lesson

Attain Online Japanese Language School has announced to revise tuition fees starting from the fall semester of 2024. Current rates honored until spring semester

CHIYODA, TOKYO, JAPAN, January 10, 2024 / — Attain Corporation (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Phone: 03-3255-4721, Representative: Shigeto Honda, Capital: 1,470 million yen), operating the online Japanese language school “AOJ Language School” has announced to revise tuition fees starting from the fall semester of 2024. However, the current prices will be maintained for admissions until the spring semester of 2024, allowing students to graduate at the pre-revision rates. Recruitment for the spring semester is scheduled from January to March 2024.
Admission Guidelines:

AOJ Language School, established by Attain Corporation, which operates the Japanese e-learning material “Attain Online Japanese” that has surpassed 150,000 learners on the American learning platform Udemy, provides online Japanese language education. In addition to video classes available 24/7, the school offers live classes twice a week, small-sized classes, and private lessons tailored to each student’s level and needs, enabling them to improve their Japanese language proficiency.

AOJ Language School accepts students from around the world, offering cost-effective tuition to make Japanese learning accessible globally. Thanks to their supporters, in just the second year since opening, they have students from 30 countries, with over 150 students studying Japanese.

Nevertheless, in light of recent inflation and fluctuations in exchange rates resulting in heightened labor costs, maintaining the delivery of top-tier Japanese content has proven to be challenging without a tuition fee adjustment. Consequently, the school announced the revision of tuition fees.

The upcoming spring semester 2024 admission marks the final opportunity to enroll at the current tuition rates. Students will have the privilege of studying at the pre-revision rates until graduation. As a trailblazer in the online Japanese language learning industry, AOJ Language School remains committed to delivering user-friendly and high-quality services for Japanese learners. The school sincerely appreciates your understanding and unwavering support.

For detailed information on tuition fees and admission for the spring semester of 2024, please refer to their website. They also accept inquiries, document requests, and questions about the school through their website.

<Details of Tuition Fee Revision>

・Before the revision (until spring semester 2024 admission): ¥14,000 per month (around 96 USD)
・After the revision (from fall semester 2024 admission): ¥15,000 per month
(around 104 USD)

(Included in the above amounts: live class attendance fee, on-demand class attendance fee, system usage fee)

<Spring Semester 2024 Admission>
As part of the spring semester enrollment, they will conduct online school information sessions and offer free trial lessons. Details will be regularly updated on their website for your reference.

1st School Information Session: February 22nd (Thursday) at 18:00
2nd School Information Session: March 9th (Saturday) at 11:00
Application Deadline: March 12th (Tuesday)
Opening Day: April 1st (Monday)

Admission Guidelines:
Information on Information Sessions:

<Spring Semester Admission Promotion>
In preparation for the spring semester 2024, they are conducting a promotion offering up to two months of free tuition for those who apply within the specified period.
They provide free admission, the first month tuition for free, and complete support for passing JLPT N2. Additionally, for those who continue studying until the end of the semester, they offer a one-month tuition fee cashback.

Campaign Details:

★ Apply here:

<Class Levels>
Opening Courses:
– い (Introduction class for Japanese language beginners)
– ろ (Elementary class for those with basic Japanese skills or JLPT N5 level)
– は (Intermediate class for those with basic Japanese skills or JLPT N4 level)
– に (Advanced class for those with basic Japanese skills or JLPT N3 level)
– ほ (Advanced class for those with basic Japanese skills or JLPT N2 level)

<About AOJ Language School>
(The website is also available in English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Vietnamese.)
Tuition Fee:
¥14,000 per month (for spring semester 2024 admission)
Monthly payment via PayPal or semi-annual payment via bank transfer or credit card

Live Class Schedule: (Japan Time)
Every Wednesday and Saturday

Depending on the number of applicants, there is a possibility of classes on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays.

AOJ Language School is an online Japanese language school. Live classes and on-demand video learning provide access to high-quality Japanese learning from anywhere in the world.
Live classes twice a week by excellent instructors with Japanese teaching qualifications make learning Japanese more enjoyable and motivational.

Live classes are small-sized, allowing participation from anywhere with an internet connection. Even if you miss a class, you can access recorded lessons.

It’s a space where Japanese learners from around the world can meet. Cultural exchange is possible through Japanese language learning.

It caters to all Japanese language levels up to JLPT N2. Students can choose the Japanese language class that suits their level.

The curriculum upgrades every semester, aiming for Japanese beginners to acquire N2 level Japanese proficiency in as short as two years.

AOJ Language School delivers quality Japanese learning for those around the world who want to learn Japanese. To make learning sustainable, they do not require admission fees, and tuition fees are affordable with monthly payments.

Support is provided for studying in Japan or finding employment through consultation services.

★ Also introduced in a video (

<About Attain Online Japanese e-Learning Material>
The Japanese e-learning material “Attain Online Japanese” produced by Attain Corporation supports Japanese beginners up to JLPT N1. It includes subtitles in multiple languages, allowing learning in one’s native language. Business Japanese materials are also available.

For inquiries regarding this release, please contact:

Contact: Takaomi Fukushima
AOJ Language School
Operating Company: Attain Corporation
Nitten Kanda Building, 17 Kanda Higashimatsushita-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
TEL: 03-3255-4721 FAX: 03-3255-5680 Email: [email protected]

Takaomi Fukushima
Attain corporation
+81 -3-5297-8001
email us here
Visit us on social media:

Last Opportunity before the tuition raises! Get up to 2 months tuition free to enroll Spring 2024.

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