A New Podcast “Wrongfully Convicted


Podcast - Wrongfully Convicted - The Families Speak Out

Podcast – Wrongfully Convicted – The Families Speak Out

“Wrongfully Convicted – The Families Speak Out” Explores The Tragedies Of The Famlies Left Behind. The cost of fighting an uphill battle to seek justice.

A New Podcast “Wrongfully Convicted – The Families Speak Out” Explores The Tragedies Of The Famlies Left Behind”

— Brian Leslie

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, November 7, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — In each episode Host Brian Leslie interviews real families that are behind the wrongfully convicted people serving time in the United States Prison system. “These real interviews will give viewers an exclusive look into what the families go through when a loved one becomes a victim of the U.S. Justice system,” Leslie says.

As a nationally recognized and qualified expert in State, Federal, and Military courts throughout the United States, Leslie has extensive experience dealing with wrongfully convicted individuals and their families. Leslie has witnessed firsthand the alarming frequency at which innocent individuals are tragically misidentified by witnesses. Moreover, he highlights how accusations made by alleged victims often receive insufficient investigation from law enforcement agencies. Disturbingly, exculpatory evidence that could potentially favor the defendant is rarely given proper attention or follow-up. In an effort to shed light on these dark tragedies endured by families when their loved ones are wrongfully convicted, Leslie believes that his upcoming podcast will provide a unique perspective into this distressing reality of our justice system.

About The Host Brian Leslie

Brian Leslie (Criminal Case Experts Inc) is a nationally recognized coercive interrogation & interview techniques expert with over 14 years of previous law enforcement experience, which includes major case investigation and specialized training, as well as a term serving as Chief of Police. He is a qualified expert throughout the United States in State, Federal, and Military Courts and currently takes on cases both before the court and in post-conviction. Mr. Leslie has testified as an expert in some of America’s Most High profile, such as the Mollie Tibbetts murder suppression hearing.

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Wrongfully Convicted – The Families Speak Out

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